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Identity Manager 8.0 - Application Management Administration Guide


Enter the employees that are responsible for the application on the Supervisors tab.

Table 3: Employees Responsible for an Application
Property Description
Expert/deputy manager Specifies the expert and their deputy for the application.
Coordinator Specifies the application's coordinator.
IT manager/Deputy IT manager Specifies the IT manager and their deputy for the application.

Application Inventory Data

Enter the required inventory information on the Inventory tab. This information can be included in the performance calculation if necessary.

Table 4: Application Inventory Data
Property Description
Usage [months] Period of use for the application in months.
Internal transfer price Information about the price for invoicing the application internally.
Company software Specifies whether the application being dealt with is the company's own.

Assigning Applications to Workdesks and Employees

You can assign applications directly or indirectly to employees or workdesks. In the case of indirect assignment, employees (workdesks, hardware) and applications are grouped into hierarchical roles. The number of applications assigned to an employee (or workdesk) is calculated from the position in the hierarchy and the direction of inheritance.

Prerequisites for indirect assignment to employees
  • Assignment of employees and applications is permitted for role classes (department, cost center, location or business role).
Prerequisites for indirect assignment to workdesks
  • Assignment of workdesks and applications is permitted for role classes (department, cost center, location or business role).

Furthermore, applications can be assigned to employees through IT Shop requests. Add employees to a shop as customers to assign applications through IT Shop requests. All applications, which are assigned to this shop as products, can be requested by the customers. Requested applications are assigned to the employees after approval is granted.

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Assigning Applications to Departments, Cost Centers and Locations

You can assign applications to departments, cost centers and locations for employees and workdesks to inherit them through these organizations.

To assign an application to departments, cost centers or locations

  1. Select the category Software | Applications.
  2. Select the application in the result list.
  3. Select Assign organizations.
  4. Assign organizations in Add assignments.

    • Assign departments on the Departments tab.
    • Assign locations on the Locations tab.
    • Assign cost centers on the Cost center tab.

    - OR -

    Remove the organizations from Remove assignments.

  5. Save the changes.
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