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Identity Manager 8.0 - Attestation Administration Guide

Attestation and Recertification
One Identity Manager Users for Attestation Attestation Base Data Attestation Policies Creating Custom Mail Templates for Notifications
Approval Processes for Attestation Cases
Approval Policies Approval Workflows Selecting Attestors Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication for Attestation Prevent Attestation by Employee Awaiting Attestation Managing Attestation Cases
Attestation Sequence Default Attestation and Withdrawal of Entitlements User Attestation and Recertification Mitigating Controls Configuration Parameters for Attestation

General Master Data for Approval Policies

Enter the following master data for an approval policy. If you add a new approval step, you must fill out the compulsory fields.

Table 20: General Master Data for Approval Policies
Property Description
Approval policies Approval step name.
Approval workflow Workflow for finding attestors.

Select any approval workflow from the menu or click to set up a new approval workflow.

Mail templates Once the approval process for attestation has been concluded, other employees can be notified by email. Select a mail template to use for email notifications for granting or denying approval for attestation or for canceling attestation.
Description Spare text box for additional explanation.
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Default Attestation Approval Policies

Default Approval Policies

The One Identity Manager provides a default approval policy for default attestation of new users and recertification of all employees stored in the One Identity Manager database. Moreover, default approval policies are supplied through which different role and system entitlements mapped in the united namespace can be attested. You can use default approval policies for creating attestation policies in the Web Portal.

To edit default approval policies

  • Select the category Attestation | Basic configuration data | Approval policies | Predefined.

For more detailed information about using default approval policies, see the One Identity Manager Web Portal User Guide.

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Additional Tasks for Approval Policies

After you have entered the master data, you can apply different tasks to it. The task view contains different forms with which you can run the following tasks.

Editing Approval Workflows

Here, you can edit the approval workflow assigned to the approval policy.

To edit the assigned approval workflow

  1. Select the category Attestation | Basic configuration data | Approval policies.
  2. Select the approval policy in the result list.
  3. Select the task 1. Edit approval workflow.

    This opens the Workflow Editor.

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