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Identity Manager 8.0 - Configuration Guide

One Identity Manager Software Architecture Working with the Designer Customizing the One Identity Manager Default Configuration Checking Data Consistency Compiling a One Identity Manager Database Working with Change Labels Basic System Configuration Data
One Identity Manager Authentication Module Database Connection Data Configuration Parameters for System Configuration Setting up the Mail Notification System Enabling More Languages for Displaying and Maintaining Data Displaying Country Information Setting Up and Configuring Schedules Password Policies in One Identity Manager Reloading Changes Dynamically TimeTrace Databases Machine Roles and Server Functions Files for Software Update Operating Systems in Use System Configuration Reports Using Predefined Database Queries Managing Custom Database Objects within a Database
The One Identity Manager Data Model Granting One Identity Manager Schema Permissions Working with the User Interface
Object definitions for the User Interface User Interface Navigation Forms for the User Interface Statistics in the One Identity Manager Extending the Launchpad Task Definitions for the User Interface Applications for Configuring the User Interface Icons and Images for Configuring the User Interface Language Dependent Data Representation
Process Orchestration in One Identity Manager
Declaring the Job Server One Identity Manager Service Configuration Handling Processes in the One Identity Manager
Tracking Changes with Process Monitoring Conditional Compilation using Preprocessor Conditions One Identity Manager Scripts Maintaining Mail Templates Reports in the One Identity Manager Custom schema extensions Transporting One Identity Manager Schema Customizations Importing Data Web Service Integration SOAP Web Service One Identity Manager as SPML Provisioning Service Provider Searching for Errors in the One Identity Manager Processing DBQueue Tasks One Identity Manager Configuration Files


This plug-in restarts One Identity Manager Service when less than a defined number of requests are made within a specified interval.

The following parameters are necessary:

  • Monitoring interval (Interval)

    This parameter sets the monitoring interval. Click on this icon to discard the change.

  • Min. number of requests (MinRequests)

    This parameter contains the minimum number of requests that need to be made within the interval. When setting this value, take into account that a DBSchedulerWatchDogPlugin is possibly in use that also posts requests.


This plugin exports the One Identity Manager Service status values as performance counter. This makes monitoring through a system monitor (for example Perfmon) possible. The list of currently available performance counters is displayed under http://servername:1880/PerfCounter.

The following parameters are necessary:

  • Value types to specify (CounterType)

    Use this parameter to specify which value types are made available as performance counters. Int and long values should be entered directly, time values should be entered as long values (number of milliseconds).

  • Polling interval (PollingInterval)

    This parameter to specify the interval for exporting the performance counter. Click on this icon to discard the change.

  • Category

    Use this parameter to specify which category the performance counters for this One Identity Manager Service are displayed under. This data is required if several One Identity Manager Services with PerformanceCounterPlugin are enabled.

NOTE: If the error "At least one service could not be started" occurs after restarting the One Identity Manager Service, then make the WMI Performance Adapter service a dependency of One Identity Manager Service.


If this plug-in is enabled, email notifications generated by the One Identity Manager Service are not send but are kept in a drop folder. The file names contain the time stamp in this case. If a mail contains HTML text, a HTML file with the HTML body is saved that has the same name as the text file to be created. Attachments are also saved in this way.

Enter the following parameter:

  • Drop folder (DropFolder)

    Directory for storing email notifications.

NOTE: The plugin only works for processes executed internally in the One Identity Manager Service.

NOTE: If this plugin is enabled, no email notification are sent through the One Identity Manager Service. This plug-in is only used for localizing errors.It is not recommended to set this parameter in normal working conditions.


This plugin is required for solving Samba shares (smb.conf) under the Linux operating system. The plugin solves UNC paths to local paths. This plugin does not required any parameters.

NOTE: Install the plugin if the One Identity Manager Service executes copy actions between servers with Linux operating system.

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