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Identity Manager 8.0 - Help Desk Module User Guide

General Master Data

Enter the following data on the General tab:

Table 1: General Master Data for a Support Team
Property Description
Display name

The display name is used to display the group in the One Identity Manager tools user interface.

Email address Support team's email address.
Group Name of the group.
Description Spare text box for additional explanation.
Disabled Specifies whether the user account is disabled. Set this option if you want to block usage by this support team.

Organizational Master Data

Enter the following master data on the Organizational tab.

Table 2: Organizational Master Data for a Support Team
Property Description
Department Department to which the team is assigned.
Location Location to which the team is assigned.
Cost center Cost center to which the team is assigned.
Office mailbox Office mailbox.

User Defined Master Data

Table 3: User Defined Master Data
Property Description

Spare fields no. 01.....spare field no. 10

Additional company specific information. Use the Designer to customize display names, formats and templates for the input fields.

Incoming Calls

Define the different possible types of incoming calls, such as telephone, fax, email, post.

To edit master data for incoming calls types

  1. Select the category Help Desk | Basic configuration data | Call input types.
  2. Select the incoming call type in the result list and run Change master data in the task view.

    - OR -

    Click in the result list toolbar.

  3. Edit the master data.
    Table 4: Master Data for Incoming Call Types
    Property Meaning
    Call received Type of call received, for example telephone, fax, email, post.
    Description Description of the type of incoming call.
    Disabled Labels whether this type of incoming call is in use.
  4. Save the changes.
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