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Identity Manager 8.0 - Identity Management Base Module Administration Guide

Basics for Mapping Company Structures in One Identity Manager Managing Departments, Cost Centers and Locations Working with Dynamic Roles Employee Administration
One Identity Manager Users for Employee Administration Basic Configuration Data for Employees Entering Employee Master Data Employee's Central User Account Employee's Central Password Employee's Default Email Address Disabling and Deleting Employees Assigning Company Resources to Employees Origin of an Employee's Roles and Entitlements Analyzing Role Memberships and Employee Assignments Mapping Multiple Employee Identities Limited Access to One Identity Manager Additional Tasks for Managing Employees Determining an Employee‘s Language Determining an Employee‘s Working Hours Employee Reports
Managing Devices and Workdesks Managing Resources Set up Extended Properties Appendix: Configuration Parameters for Managing Departments, Cost Centers and Locations Appendix: Configuration Parameters for Managing Applications Appendix: Configuration Parameters for Managing Devices and Workdesks Appendix: Authentication Modules for Logging into the One Identity Manager

How to Edit Application roles

To set up your first application roles you need to add an employee to the application role Base roles | Administrators. This employee is authorized to add more employees to different administration application roles. For more information, see Implementing Application Roles.

NOTE: To edit the application role, log on to the Manager using a role-based authentication module.

Administrators can edit child application roles, set up more application roles and assigned employees.

To edit attestation roles

  1. Select the category One Identity Manager administration.
  2. Select a category in the navigation view.
  3. Select the application role in the result list. Select Change master data in the task view.

    - OR -

    Click in the result list toolbar.

  4. Edit the application role's master data.
  5. Save the changes.

NOTE: You cannot delete default application roles.
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