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Identity Manager 8.0 - Installation Guide

About this Guide One Identity Manager Overview Installation Prerequisites Installing the One Identity Manager Installing and Configuring the One Identity Manager Service Updating the One Identity Manager Installing and Updating a One Identity Manager Application Server Installing, Configuring and Maintaining the Web Portal Installing the Operations Support Web Portal Installing and Updating the Manager Web Application Logging into One Identity Manager Tools Troubleshooting Appendix: One Identity Manager Authentication Modules Appendix: Creating a One Identity Manager Database for a Test or Development Environment from a Database Backup Appendix: Manager Web Application Extended Configuration Appendix: Machine Roles and Installation Packages Appendix: Settings for a New SQL Server Database


Use this area to view the location of the cache and assembly directories. Both text boxes can be edited.

To edit the repository for the cache and assembly directories

  1. Click in one of the text boxes.
    1. Cache directory
    2. Assembly cache
  2. Overwrite the path with the path in which you want to store cached data in the future.

Debugger Service

Use this setting to configure the WCF connection.

To configure the WCF connection

  1. Enable the Limit port range option.
  2. Limit the values in both numeric fields.

Search Service

Prerequisites for using full text search in the Web Portal is an application server installed with the search service.

  • If you run the Web Portal directly over an application server installed with the search service, you can use the full text search immediately.
  • If you run the Web Portal over an application server with a search service installed or with a direct database connection, enter an application service with an installed search service in this configuration section. Full text search is available in the Web Portal once this has been done.

To enter an application server at a later date

  1. Click Select application server.
  2. Enter the application server's web address in the text box URL.
  3. Test the connection by selecting Test connection from the Options menu.
  4. Edit other optional settings by selecting Advanced settings from the Options menu.
  5. To accept the settings, click OK.

Certain important columns are already indexed for full text search in the default installation. You configure more columns for full text searching if you require. For more detailed information about configuring column for full text search, see the One Identity Manager Configuration Guide.

For more detailed information about using the full text search in the Web Portal, see the One Identity Manager Web Portal User Guide.

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