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Identity Manager 8.0 - Installation Guide

About this Guide One Identity Manager Overview Installation Prerequisites Installing the One Identity Manager Installing and Configuring the One Identity Manager Service Updating the One Identity Manager Installing and Updating a One Identity Manager Application Server Installing, Configuring and Maintaining the Web Portal Installing the Operations Support Web Portal Installing and Updating the Manager Web Application Logging into One Identity Manager Tools Troubleshooting Appendix: One Identity Manager Authentication Modules Appendix: Creating a One Identity Manager Database for a Test or Development Environment from a Database Backup Appendix: Manager Web Application Extended Configuration Appendix: Machine Roles and Installation Packages Appendix: Settings for a New SQL Server Database

Load Balancing

The application provides simple load balancing to distribute user sessions and the load generated by them around several processes or even servers. To do this, the application is installed multiple times on the same or on other servers.

All collaborating applications that can be logged into, are declared in the applications' Application pool. The selected load balancing algorithm distributes user logins to the defined applications.

NOTE: Even if only one application is installed, it must be defined in your application pool, otherwise you cannot log in.

Table 74: Supported Algorithms for Load Balancing
Algorithm Description


This algorithm distributes user logins such that each application in one language has the same number of active users, if possible. This algorithm is the default and is required in 99% of cases.


This algorithm distributes user logins by order of application definition in the application pool. First of all, all user logins are forwarded to the first application in the desired language. When this has reached it maximum load, logins are forwarded to the next application.

Load balancing solves the following problems:

  • Multi-language

    Language is fixed for per application so that an application can only provide user sessions in one language. If users can log in with multiple languages, at least one application must be installed for each language.

  • Bypassing resource limitations

    If several applications are installed and assigned to different Internet Information Services application pools, they are started in separate processes. Under Windows 32-bit operating system each process can address 4 GB memory, for example, but can only use 2 GB. ASP.Net reserves another 40% so that only 1,2 GB of memory are available to the application. Through multiple installations, these 1,2 GB of memory can be put to multiple use, thus taking advantage of the available physically main memory.

  • Increasing performance

    Performance can be noticeably improved by installing on several servers.

  • Redundancy

    Multiple installation does not necessary complete outage if just one of the installed application fails.

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Single Sign-On

The application supports a single sign-on that allows users to authenticate themselves without them having to authenticate user name and password again.

Prerequisites required:

  • Disabling anonymous access
  • Configuration of an authentication module capable of single sign-on
  • Permissions in the application owns application pool

You can disable anonymous access on the web server. This means the user's browser must provide the data required for authentication.

  1. To do this, open the application's configuration in Internet Information Services and set the configuration for "Authentication".
  2. Change the value of the status to "disabled" in "Anonymous Authentication".
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Appendix: Machine Roles and Installation Packages

Table 75: Machine Role and Installation Package Options
Machine role Description of the Installation Package

Contains all basic components for installing tools on an administrative workstation.


Contains One Identity Manager administration tools required by default users for fulfilling their task with One Identity Manager, As well as the tools, which ensure basic functionality for working with One Identity Manager, this includes the Manager as the main administration tools.


Contains all One Identity Manager tools of the default user and additional programs for configuring the system. These include, for example, Configuration Wizard, Database Compiler, Database Transporter, Crypto Configuration, Designer, Web Designer and configuration tools for the One Identity Manager Service.

Development & Testing

Contains the One Identity Manager tools for developing and testing custom scripts and forms, for example, the System Debugger.


Contains One Identity Manager programs for monitoring the system status, for example Job Queue Info.



Contains One Identity Manager documentation in different languages.

Contains all the basic components for setting up a server.

Job server

Contains the One Identity Manager Service and basic processing components. Additional machine roles contain connectors for synchronizing individual target systems.

Appendix: Settings for a New SQL Server Database

Appendix: Settings for a New SQL Server Database

The Configuration Wizard creates a new SQL Server database with the following settings.

Table 76: Properties for Creating the Database
Property Value
Database name <Database name>
Data file directory <Data directory>
Data file name <Database name>.mdb
Initial data file size <Initial size>
Max file size Unlimited
Automatic increase of data file size 10 %
Transaction log file directory <Log directory>
Transaction log name <Database name>.ldb
Initial size of transaction log 1/2 <initial size>
Maximum size of transaction log file Unlimited
Automatic increase of transaction log size 10 %
Database collation SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
Compatibility level 130
Restore model Simple
Automatic asynchronous statistics update False
Automatic statistics update True
Minimize automatically False
Create statistics automatically True
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