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Identity Manager 8.0 - Password Capture Agent Administration Guide

The One Identity Manager Password Capture Agent Appendix About us


  • Type: REG_DWORD
  • Unit: Seconds
  • Default: 120

If an error occurred, the value specified is the wait time in seconds before a retry is executed. If the value is 0, a retry is immediately executed.


  • Type: REG_SZ
  • Unit: File
  • Default: <EMPTY>

Specifies a name for a log file which has to be created. If no value is specified, no log file is created. Only the file name without a path has to be specified, so the file will reside in the installation folder "%ProgramData%\One Identity\One Identity Manager\Password Capture Agent\Driver".

The log file logs all activities and the more details if parameter Diagnostic is enabled. The log file is read-only but can be accessed from any text viewer. It is always recreated on reboot and does not yet contain any history. The time format of the logged time stamps depends on the local language of the operating system and not on the user.

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  • Type: REG_DWORD
  • Unit: Days
  • Default: 7

Specifies the number of days for undelivered password changes to be saved for retrying. Undelivered password changes can arise if errors have occurred, for example, if the associated Webservice is not available due to network errors, time outs, and so on. Every password change that cannot be delivered is also logged to the Password Capture Agent event log in Windows Event Viewer. If 0 is specified, no undelivered password changes are saved; they will be lost.


  • Type: REG_DWORD
  • Unit: Switch (on/off)
  • Default: 0 (= off)

If this parameter is set with a value of 1, every password change is handled sequentially, as a result, the initiating process will be blocked until all other components in the beyond processing chain have completed. Also all password change events occurring in parallel will be blocked until the current password change is completed. This setting also means that a user, who just changes his password in the password-change-dialog, must wait until the whole processing is completed. This setting is only for test purposes.

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