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Identity Manager 8.0 - Report Subscriptions Administration Guide

Display Report Subscriptions

Displaying Report Subscriptions

Every user sets up their personalized report subscriptions through the Web Portal. For more information, see the One Identity Manager Web Portal User Guide.

To show subscription settings

  • Select the Report Subscriptions | Report subscriptions.

    This shows you which employees have subscribed to which reports. If necessary, you can view the subscription settings at this point.

IMPORTANT: Do not change any report subscription settings. The settings are generated by the Web Portal user when report subscriptions are set up.

Disabling Subscribable Reports

Only subscribable report that are enabled can be assigned within the One Identity Manager database. If a subscribable report is disabled you are prevented from assigning it. Existing assignments remain intact.

IMPORTANT: If you disable a subscribable report, existing Web Portal user report subscriptions are canceled.

To disable a report

  1. Select Report Subscriptions | Subscribable report.
  2. Select the report in the result list.
  3. Select Change master data in the task view.
  4. Set the option Disabled.
  5. Save the changes.

NOTE: You can disable subscribable reports through preprocessor conditions. For more information, see General Master Data for Subscribable Reports.

To display a disabled report

  • Select Report Subscriptions | Basic configuration data | Disabled reports.

Sending Subscribable Reports

Table 12: Configuration Parameters for Sending Subscribable Reports
Configuration parameter Meaning
QER\RPS\DefaultSenderAddress This configuration parameter contains the sender email address for automatically generated notifications.

The following prerequisites are required to send reports by email:

  • Ensure that the email notification system is configured in One Identity Manager. For more detailed information, see the .One Identity Manager Configuration Guide
  • Set the configuration parameter "QER\RPS\DefaultSenderAddress" in the Designer and enter the sender address for sending the email notification.
  • Ensure that all employees have a default email address. Notifications are sent to this address. For more detailed information, see the .One Identity Manager Identity Management Base Module Administration Guide
  • Ensure that a language culture can be determined for all employees. Only then can they receive email notifications in their own language. For more detailed information, see the .One Identity Manager Identity Management Base Module Administration Guide

Saving Subscribed Reports in a Drop Directory

Saving Subscribed Reports in a Drop Box

Table 13: Configuration Parameters for Storing Reports on a Drop Server
Configuration parameter Meaning


This configuration parameter specifies whether subscribed reports are stored in a directory rather than being sent by mail.

QER\RPS\SubscriptionStorageLifeTime This configuration parameter specifies the maximum retention period (in days) that a report is available on the drop server. After this period, reports are deleted.
QER\RPS\SubscriptionStorageShare Configuration parameter containing the path for storing the subscribed reports.

If an error occurs when sending a subscribed report, it can be saved on a drop server. It might also be necessary to always save the subscribed report in a drop box. The subscriber owner then receives an email message with the drop location of the report. The report is deleted from the drop server after a specified period of time.

To save a report on a drop server

  1. Configure a default report server. You need to provide a server installed with the One Identity Manager Service and started.
  2. Declare the default report server in the One Identity Manager.
    • Enter a new Job server in the category Base Data | Installation | Job servers in the Designer or select an existing Job server and mark it with the server mask Default report server.
  3. Set up a drop box. The default report server One Identity Manager Service requires write access to this directory.
  4. Declare the drop box in the One Identity Manager.
    • Set the configuration parameter "QER\RPS\SubscriptionStorageShare" in the Designer and enter the repository for the report as value using the syntax \\<server>\<share>.

To always save a report in a drop box

  • Set the configuration parameter "QER\RPS\StoreSubscription" in the Designer.

    NOTE: If the configuration parameter is not set, subscribed reports are only saved in the drop box if an error occurred when the emails are sent.

To delete a report on the drop server

  1. Specify a retention period for the report on the drop server, after which the report is deleted.
    • Set the configuration parameter "QER\RPS\SubscriptionStorageLifeTime" in the Designer a enter the number of days as value.

      Reports are deleted at the end of this period. The default retention time is 7 days.

  2. Select the schedule "Cleans up RPS subscription storage" in the Designer and adjust the settings as required.
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