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Identity Manager 8.0 - Target System Base Module Administration Guide

Employee's Central User Account

Employee's Central User Account

Table 2: Configuration Parameter for Forming the Central User Accounts
Configuration Parameter Meaning


This configuration parameter specifies how the central user account is mapped.

If this configuration parameter is set, the central user account for an employee is formed uniquely in relation to the central user accounts of all employees and the user account names of all permitted target systems.

If the configuration parameter is not set, it is only formed uniquely related to the central user accounts of all employees.

The employee’s central user account is used to form the user account login name in the active system. The central user account is still used for logging into the One Identity Manager tools. In the One Identity Manager default installation, the central user account is made up of the first and the last name of the employee. If only one of these is known, then it is used for the central user account. The One Identity Manager checks to see if a central user account with that value already exists. If this is the case, an incremental number is added to the end of the value.

Table 3: Example of Forming of Central User Accounts
First name Last name Central user account
Clara   CLARA
  Harris HARRIS
Clara Harris CLARAH
Clara Harrison CLARAH1
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Employee's Default Email Address

Employee's Default Email Address

Table 4: Configuration parameter for the Default Email Address
Configuration parameter Description

This configuration parameter contains the default mail domain. The value is used to establish an employee's email address.

The employee’s default email address is displayed on the mailboxes in the activated target system. The default installation from the One Identity Manager builds the default email address from the employee’s central user account and the default mail domain of the active target system.

The default mail domain is found in the configuration parameter "QER\Person\DefaultMailDomain".

  • Set the configuration parameter in the Designer and enter the default mail domain name as a value.
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Changing Employee Master Data

Changing Employee Master Data

In the following sections, we only examine the employee master data that affects the user account of an employee with the manage level "Full managed" when it is changed in the One Identity Manager default installation.

General Changes

General changes refer to data changes relating to an employee’s telephone number, fax number, mobile telephone, street, postal or zip code. This process changes the data in the target system to which the employees are assigned, assuming this data is mapped in the respective target systems.

Changing an Employee’s Name

Changes to an employee’s name influence how an employee’s central user account is set up. The central user account is made up of the employee’s first and last names according to the formatting rules. The central user account is used as a template for formatting user account login names in some target systems. When a user account is added, other overriding formatting rules control how, for example, the home and profile directories are formatted up from the central user account.

Employee Job Rotation Inhouse

Job rotation is affected by changes to the company data location or department. With this, the company operations are automated in the One Identity Manager, with respect to the administrative tasks for alterations to the target system dependent IT operating data (for example, domains, home server or profile server). There are other sub-processes for each target system due to system-dependent differences in the actions necessary for changing departments.

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Templates and Processes for Implementing Account Definitions

Templates and Processes for Implementing Account Definitions

Only user account properties used in the script template TSB_ITDataFromOrg are available. Create custom templates using this script if you want to use different or additional properties than those in the default installation.

In the One Identity Manager default installation there is one process per target system type for creating user accounts through account definitions. These can be used as templates for the company-specific implementation of the method.

Note: Processes are defined in the One Identity Manager modules and are not available until the modules are installed.

The name of the process is formatted as follows:

TSB_PersonHasTSBAccountDef_Autocreate_<user account table>


<user account table> = table, in which user accounts are mapped;

for example:

ADSAccount (Active Directory user accounts)

ADSContact (Active Directory contacts)

EBSUser (Oracle E-Business Suite user accounts)

EX0Mailbox (Microsoft Exchange mailboxes)

EX0MailUser (Microsoft Exchange email address for user accounts)

EX0MailContact (Microsoft Exchange email address for contacts)

LDAPAccount (LDAP user accounts)

NotesUser (IBM Notes user accounts)

SAPUser (SAP R/3 user accounts)

SPSUser (SharePoint user accounts)

UNSAccountB (user accounts for custom target systems)

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