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Identity Manager 8.0 - User Guide for the User Interface and Default Functions

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Enabling Time Schedules

Frequently, you need to run processes and calculation tasks at specified time intervals. To make this possible, you can define schedules in the One Identity Manager. Schedules are required, for example, for scheduled execution of processes within process handling or for different calculation tasks within One Identity Manager. A schedule can be in control of several tasks. Execution times are configured in a schedule for the tasks to be executed.

To activate a schedule:

  1. Select the category Base Data | General | Schedules in the Designer.
  2. Select the schedule.
  3. Set the option Enabled.
  4. Save the changes to the database using Database | Commit to database....
  5. Click Save.
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  • One Identity Manager Configuration Guide

Compiling the Database

The One Identity Manager database must be compiled after changes to configuration data. The Database Compiler compiles the One Identity Manager database after changes are made to processes, scripts, templates, object definitions, method definitions and preprocessor-relevant configuration parameters.


Before you begin the compilation, all the DBQueue Processor tasks have to be processed. If there are still outstanding tasks on the database, you are notified by the Database Compiler. In this case the compilation cannot go ahead.

To compile a database

  1. In the Designer menu, click Database | Compile database....
  2. On the Database Compiler start page, click Next.
  3. The components to be compiled are displayed on the Compiler settings page.
    1. Check the compiler settings.
    2. If necessary, select other components to be compiled.
    3. To start compiling, click Next.

      This starts the compilation process. This may take some time.

  4. The results of the compilation process are shown on the Compilation page. Click Next after compilation is complete.
  5. Click Finish on the last page to end the program.
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  • One Identity Manager Configuration Guide

Displaying Statistics in the Manager Infosystem

Displaying Statistics in the Manager Infosystem

The Manager infosystem provides data on the system health in the form of diagrams.

To display statistics in the Manager:

  • Open the Manager home page.

    On the home page, there are topic-related statistics and cross-functional statistics available.

  • In the category’s navigation view, click Info System in the menu to open the statistics.

    Topic-related statistics are shown for the category.

  • In the category My One Identity Manager, open the statistics by clicking Info System on the menu.

    Topic-related statistics are shown for all categories.

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Displaying Reports in the Manager

Displaying Reports in the Manager

The Manager contains various reports about employees and their user accounts, company structures, resources and system permissions, attestations and compliance rule violation reports.

To display a report in the Manager

  1. Select the object you want to see the report for.
  2. Under "Reports" in the task view, select the report.

    Use the tooltip to show a more detailed description of a report.

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