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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Application Configuration Guide

Setting the Central Password

The central password is set separately from other password to prevent problems.

Once at least one of the logged in user's passwords is managed by the central password, two options are provided after authentication.

  1. Setting the central password
  2. Setting one or more passwords

If setting one or more passwords, it is possible to set a password managed by the central password. If you want to prevent this, you can exclude the password from being reset.

For more information, see Excluding Passwords from being Reset.

Setting up a New Application Token

You can set a new application toke using the WebDesigner.ConfigFileEditor.exe file.

To set a new application token

  1. Open the WebDesigner.ConfigFileEditor.exe file.
  2. Ensure that QER_PasswordWeb is set as the web project.
  3. Click next to Application token exists.

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