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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Grouping and Ungrouping Columns

You can group by column, for example, in the Auditing view in the column Attestation Policy. Grouping is offered in views where a large number of entries are expected.

To group by column or ungroup

  1. Select the filter in the column you want and click Group by column in the dialog box.

    The entries are displayed in groups.

  2. Open the group with .

    This displays all the entries in the group.

    - OR -

  3. Delete the filter.

    This dissolves the group.

Other Columns

You can blend in other columns you want to see in your view.

To include other columns in the table

  1. Open the View Settings menu and select Additional columns.

    This open the selection dialog Additional columns displaying a list of additional columns.

  2. Configure your settings.

    This selects the column. Multi-select is possible.

  3. Click Apply.

    Now you can see the column in the table and use it.

Saving Views

If you have modified a view and wish to use it permanently, you can save the view settings.

To save the current view

NOTE: If neither a filter nor an additional columns has been added to the view, you cannot select any saved view settings or edit them in the context menu View Settings

  1. Apply the filter.

    Once a filter has been defined, it is displayed above the table.

  2. Click View settings and select Save current view from context menu.

    This opens the dialog box Save current view.

  3. Enter a name for the filter in the text box and click Save.

    You can now select the new filter in the View settings menu.

Removing Saved Views

You can delete saved views that you do not use anymore in the view settings. The saved view is only available at the place where you saved it.

To remove a saved view

NOTE: If a view is active, the filter setting is visible above the table. You can also view the filter setting in the Filter on ... dialog box.

  1. Click View Settings and select Edit list from the menu.

    This opens the dialog box Edit view settings.

  2. Click after the view setting you want to delete.

    The deleted view setting is removed from the dialog box and you cannot select it in the menu anymore.

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