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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Filter Conditions as SQL Expressions

In the expert view you can view and edit filter conditions as SQL expressions.

To view a custom filter condition as SQL expression or to write one manually

NOTE: To open the expert view, you must own the role of administrator, auditor or Compliance & Security Officer.
  1. Click Expert view.

    If you have already created a filter, the filter condition is shown in the SQL editor as an SQL expression.

  2. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Edit the SQL expression.
    2. Enter an SQL expression.
  3. Perform one of the following tasks.

    1. Apply the filter by clicking Apply.

      This returns you to the original view where a message alerts you to the active filter wizard.

    2. Close the wizard with Close.

Exporting a View

The current view can be saved in PDF or CSV format or as a website and used as a report. This function is available at different points in your web application. For more information, see Exporting Reports.

NOTE: Only a maximum of 100 000 data sets can be exported. If there are more data set, only the first 100 000 are exported.

To export a view

NOTE: Before you export a view, you can add more columns to it.
  1. Click Export this view in the view above.

    This opens the dialog box Export this view.

  2. Enable the following options if required.

    All pages

    All pages of the view were exported. If this setting is not enabled, only the current page is exported.

    Remove header

    This setting is only available for CSV format.

  3. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Select either Export as PDF.
    2. Select the option Export as CSV.
    3. Select the option Show as web page.
  4. Click Export....

    The corresponding report is generated and displayed according to your settings or you are asked whether you want to save o open the report.

Mobile View

The Web Portal is designed for use with desktops computers and mobile devices. The views are adjusted automatically. In the mobile view, some functions are limited or not at available at all.

NOTE: Functions that are not available in the mobile view are marked with a note.
Table 20: Handling Options for Mobiles



Open menu

The menu that you find horizontally under the header in the desktop version, is opened as followed on mobile devices.

  • Tap on the home page .

    List lists the menus under each other. Tap again to collapse the menus again.

  • Tap on a menu item.

    This displays other menu items.

Display extended functions

You open the functions and settings in the header toolbar, for example, the search, as follows.

Use to open the following functions.

  • Search: Tap.
  • Personal data: Tap .

    Here you will also find the My Settings function.

  • My shopping cart (without requests): Tap .

    The neutral color means that there are no requests in your cart.

  • Bookmark: Tap .

    This button is only shown if you have added bookmarks.

  • Help: Tap .

Heatmaps and Statistics in the Mobile View

The following handling options apply for heatmaps and statistics in the mobile view.

Table 21: Handling Options for Heatmaps and Statistics



Show tooltip

  • Tap on the statistic or the diagram.

Display more details about the statistic/diagram

  • Double-tap on the statistic or the diagram.

Display a tooltip for a heatmap rectangle

  • Tap the heatmap's rectangle.

Zoom in on heatmap

  • Double-tap on the heatmap.
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