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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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My Requests

The My Requests view is a submenu of the Request menu. You can execute various actions to do with the requests you manage, depending on which entitlements you have been assigned. These actions can be called up over tiles.

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New Request

A request process is triggered when you request a product. You can make a request for any suitable products. Whether you are authorized to request a product depends on your role and your permissions. Managers or other authorized users can make request for other employees in their name.

NOTE: Requestable products have been configured and made available by an administrator in the Manager. Products are configured by assigning request properties and determining associated products and/or optional products. For more detailed information about configuring the IT Shop, see the One Identity Manager IT Shop Administration Guide. The IT Shop is part of the Web Portal which you can use for making requests. Use the Manager's administrators to configure the IT Shop and for preparing products for requesting in the IT Shop.

To open the "Request" menu.

  • Open the menu Request | My Requests and click Start a new request.
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Finding Service Items

If you do not know the exact name of the service item for your request, you can use a keyword search to help you. You have the search function in the Request menu or the Web Portal's global search available to do this.

In the menu Request, you also have the possibility to search in all service categories or only one selected service category. Prerequisite for this kind of search is that keywords have been added by their product owners. For more information, see Adding Tags for Service Items. For more detailed information about tags, see the One Identity Manager IT Shop Administration Guide.

To search for service items

  • Open the Request view and enter keyword or part of one in the text box Find a service item and click .

    This displays a list of the service items found. For more information, see Requesting through a Service Category.

    TIP: If you use the Web Portal global search to find the service item you want, you must enter more than two letters into the search field to get a result.

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