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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Resubmitting a Request

You can resubmit requests in the request history. This can be processed faster than submitting a new request and retains the request history.

To resubmit a request

  1. Open the Request history menu and select the request you want.

    This displays more information in the detailed content view.

  2. Click Submit again.
  3. Enter a reason for resubmitting in the request and click OK.

    The request is added to your shopping cart. For more information, see Editing Requests.

To search in the request history

Process Monitoring

In the request history, you can see every request you have submitted for yourself or for others. Use the filter function or advanced search to limit the number of requests displayed. For more information, see Navigation and Handling.

The following compliance states are shown in the request history.

Table 23: Compliance Status in the Request History



Request does not generate rule violations.

Request generates rule violations.

The request status of the selected request is displayed, amongst other things, in the detailed content view. The following views may be shown.

Table 24: Request Status in Main View




Request is being processed.


The request has been assigned.


The request was denied. The reason for denial is a policy or rule violation or the manager did not check the request, whether the request has a limited period.


The request subscription is canceled. For more information, see Unsubscribing Requests.


The request is terminated or the system could not execute the request. This occurs if no one was responsible for checking the request or if the validity period expired. The request history is displayed with the reason for aborting.


The request was renewed. For more information about the selected request is shown on the Information tab. Information is for example, who submitted the renewal and when.

In the detailed content view, you can view more information about the requests on the Information, Workflow and Compliance tabs.

To view the current status of your request

  1. Open the Request History and mark the request you want.
  2. Select a tab in the detailed content view to view more detailed information.

Editing Requests

Requests can be modified until they are unsubscribed. Requests can also be renewed, denied or canceled.

You can execute these tasks in the menu Edit Requests in the Web Portal.

NOTE: You can also cancel requests in the Request History menu.

NOTE: You must configure the settings in the Web Designer in order to send cancellations and renewals in the same way as requests in the cart.

To open the "Edit Request" menu

  • Select the menu Request | My Requests and click Edit Requests.
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Canceling Requests

Unsubscribing Requests

You cannot only cancel (or withdraw) requests, you can also unsubscribe them. The difference being that you can only cancel a request within the request process.

Use the Edit Requests menu to unsubscribe. These requests must have the status "assigned". Requests with the status "Assigned" are also listed in the request history but cannot be unsubscribed there.

You can unsubscribe products for other employees if you are responsible for them.

To unsubscribe products

  1. Open the Edit Requests menu.

    You will see all the requests assigned to you in the Renew or Unsubscribe view.

  2. Enable the request you want to unsubscribe and click Unsubscribe.

    NOTE: Request that cannot be selected here, can only be canceled.
  3. Enter an optional data and reason for unsubscribing in the Unsubscribe dialog box and click Save.

    NOTE: Use the Show request action to display additional products associated with this request.

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