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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Canceling requests

Requests that are not assigned can be canceled but not unsubscribed. You can also cancel requests in the request history.

To cancel a request

  1. Open the menu Request | My Requests and click Edit requests.
  2. Mark the request you want cancel in the Renew or Unsubscribe view.
  3. Click Withdraw request.

    This opens the Withdraw request dialog box.

  4. Enter a reason for canceling in the Withdraw request dialog box and confirm with OK.

    The request remains in the request history.

Renewing Requests

Some requests are only valid for a limited period. You can renew limited requests at anytime, provided you have the required permissions to do it.

NOTE: You must configure the settings in the Web Designer in order to send cancellations and renewals in the same way as requests in the cart.

NOTE: You are notified 14 days before your limited period request expires. You can renew the request after receiving this message. The requests are automatically canceled once they have expired.

To renew a request

  1. Open the Edit Requests menu.

    Requests that are not in your shopping cart are displayed in the Renew or Unsubscribe view.

    All requests are displayed with and without time limits. Sort the requests by validity to list the limited requests sequentially.

  2. Renew a request in the name of another employee.

    For more information, see Making Requests for Other Recipient.

  3. Enable the request you want to renew and click Renew.
  4. Edit the renewal date in the dialog box and save the changes.

Maintaining Templates

This menu shows all templates you have created yourself and system-wide templates (created and published by others). By default, products in a template are hidden. You can expand the template you want and view the products and edit them. For more information, see Requesting from a Template.

Table 25: Templates – Status



This template has not been approved yet. A decision about publishing it still pending.

The template is marked for public use but was not published yet.

The template was published.

To open the "Maintain Templates" menu

  • Open the menu Request | My Requests and click Maintain Templates.
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Creating and Maintaining Templates

You can add templates for requests that you make frequently. Templates are added to your shopping cart.

To create or edit a request template

  1. Add your request to the shopping cart.

    For more information, see Process Monitoring.

  2. Open My Shopping Cart and select the action Create template from shopping cart.

    NOTE: The list of requests and options for handling them is only shown when there are requests in the shopping cart.

    In the upper part of Cart templates you can see the contents of the shopping cart. Existing request templates are listed in the middle part.

  3. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Select a request template and click Select.
    2. Enter a name for the new template in Name of the new template.
  4. Click Create template.
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