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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Using Reference User's Requests

You can also create templates from reference users' requests. You can add a reference user's request as a new template or insert an existing template.

To use a reference user's request as template

  1. Add your request to the shopping cart.

    For more information, see Process Monitoring.

  2. Open the My Shopping Cart view and select the action By reference user.

    NOTE: The list of employees can be extended with more information. Click Additional columns and select the information you require from the dialog box.

  3. Select an employee from the list.

    This lists requests, memberships and entitlements. Depending on which requests this employee has triggered or in which hierarchical roles or company resources memberships exist or similar.

  4. Enable the item (multi-select is possible) you want to add to the template and click Create template.

    The selected item is displayed in the Cart Templates view. Your personal templates are also listed.

  5. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Select a template.

      The reference user's items are assigned to the template.

    2. Enter a name for the new template and click Create Template.

      The selected items are assigned to the new template. The new template is added to your list of personal templates.

Deleting Templates

You can remove template you do not need anymore, at anytime. Or perhaps you only want to delete individual items? Then you can edit your request templates. You can only delete your own personal templates.

To delete an item or an entire template

  1. Open the menu Maintain Templates.
  2. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Delete your template by clicking .

      - OR -

    2. Open the request template by clicking .

      The template is displayed with all the items it contains.

    3. Mark the item you want to delete and click .
  3. Confirm the prompt with OK.

Sharing Templates

You can share your templates with other user by publishing them.

To share your template with other users

  1. Open the menu Maintain Templates.
  2. Select the template and open the template details with .
  3. Enable the options Template is available to other employees and Template has been approved in the dialog box.

    NOTE: Enable this option if you do not want to make any more changes to template. After you have completed all changes to the template, enable the option Template has been approved.

  4. Click Save.

Adding Information

You can add additional information to your personal request templates.

To add more information to a request

  1. Open the menu Maintain Templates.

    The view Cart Templates is displayed.

    TIP: Click next to the template to expand the contents and view each item.

  2. Use to open the template details.

    This opens the dialog box Edit template.

  3. Enter the desired information in the text boxes and enable the options.
  4. Click Save.
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