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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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My Attestation Status

NOTE: This function is only available when the module Attestation Module is installed.

In then menu My Attestation Status you can see attestation cases, which were granted or denied approval by you, as well as pending attestations. If you are an auditor or manager, you may be able to view attestations performed by other employees. As a member of the chief approval team, you make approval decisions about attestation cases and assigned attestation cases to other attestors.

In the My Attestation Status view, you can switch between different views.

  • Group memberships
  • Objects attestation
  • All attestation cases

For each case you can see the current status and the creation date in the detailed content view. You can run the following action or get information.

  • See whether the case was approved or denied.
  • Obtain detailed information about the selected attestation case on the tabs Information, Workflow, Attestation Policies and History in detailed content view.
  • As attestor, you can view attestors for pending attestation cases.
  • Send a reminder.
  • As a chief approver make attestation case approval decisions.
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Viewing Details

You can display details of objects stored with an attestation case.

NOTE: Objects details are also available in the menus Pending Attestations, Attestation History and Auditing.

To view the object details

  1. Mark the attestation case you want to view in the My Attestation Status view.
  2. Click Show details on the Information tab in the detailed content view.
  3. Select an object in the Attested object dialog box and click View current state of the object.

    This displays an overview with shapes about the attestation. You can see the risk index and run risk index functions in the Risk view. For more information about risk indexes, see One Identity Manager Risk Assessment Administration Guide.

Attesting Pending Attestations

With the My Attestation Status menu, you can display attestators who still have pending attestation. You can send these attestors reminder emails.

NOTE: You can also view attestators with pending attestations over the menus Attestation History and Auditing.

To notify an attestor about pending attestation cases

  1. Open the My Attestation Status menu and click View attestors for pending attesation cases.
  2. Click Send a mail next to the employee you want to notify in the Send a reminder mail dialog box.

    The email program linked to the Web Designer is displayed and an email template with the attestor's email address is opened.

  3. Complete and send the email to the attestor.

    The email program is closed.

Sending Reminders

You can send a reminder to attestors who are assigned to pending attestation cases.

NOTE: You can also send reminders to attestors over the menus Pending Attestations and Auditing.

To send a reminder to the attestors

NOTE: Only attestation cases with the status Pending can send a reminder to attestors.
  1. Select the attestation case.
  2. Click Send reminder and write a message to the attestor in the dialog box Send reminder mail.
  3. Click OK to confirm.
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