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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Asking for Help

Before you make an approval decision about a pending attestation you can ask a user a question about it.

To ask for help

  1. Open the menu Pending Attestations and mark the attestation case you want to query.
  2. Select the action Ask for help in the detailed content view.
  3. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Select an employee from the list in the Submit an inquiry about this attestation case dialog box.
    2. Use the extended search.
    3. Use a filter and then mark the item you want in the result list.
  1. Enter your question about the attestation case in the Submit an inquiry about this attestation case dialog box and click Save.
  2. A message, saying that the inquiry was sent, is displayed in the Pending Attestations view.

Attestation History

You will find the Attestation History menu over the My Actions menu. Attestation cases that you have granted or denied are displayed here. If you are an auditor or manager, you may be able to view attestations performed by other employees. Some functions have already been described with the My Attestation Status and Pending Attestations. You can find all the executable functions in the menu listed under "Detailed information about this topic".

To view attestation cases

  1. Open the Attestation History menu.
  2. Select one of the following:
    1. approved
    2. not approved
    3. pending
  3. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Use the extended search.
    2. Use a filter and then mark the item you want in the result list.

      In the detailed content view, you see detailed information about the attestation case on the tabs, Information, Workflow, Attestation policy and History.

Detailed information about this topic

Attestation Inquiries

NOTE: This function is only available if the module Identity Management Base Module or Attestation Module is installed.

You can query requests or attestation cases. The attestation inquiries are displayed in the menu Attestation Inquiries. You can see more information about the inquiry in the detailed content view. The page is empty if there are no inquiries.

To answer an approval inquiry

  1. Open the menu Attestation Inquiries.
  2. Mark an inquiry in the Attestation Inquiries view.
  3. Click Answer and enter an answer.

    The answer is send on saving. Confirmation verification is displayed.

Attestation Policies

The view Attestation Policies is a submenu of the Attestation menu. You can execute various actions to do with the attestation policies you manage, depending on which entitlements you have been assigned. These actions can be called up over tiles.

Managers or others responsible for compliance can use attestation policies to run the following tasks.

  • Authorize access
  • Set up permissions

Attestations start with attestation policies. You use these policies to specify which objects are designated for attestation and when and how often they are run.

You can get a high level overview of the attestations in your organization in the Attestation dashboard. For more information, see What Statistics are Available?.

Detailed information about this topic
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