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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Attestation Policy Runs

You will find the Attestation Policy Runs over the Attestation Policies menu. The following table provides a larger overview of which content you can view in the Attestation Policy Runs view.

Table 34: The "Attestation Policy Runs" View
Column Description
Attestation policy Shows attestation policies that have already been run.
Run started Start date of the attestation run.
Due date Date on which the attestation run should end.
Progress so far Shows the progress of already generated attestation cases of an attestation policy. Progress is shown in percent (only integer values) and with a colored bar. Progress under 70%, red bar. Progress above 90%, green bar. Progress between 70% and 80%, orange bar.

Once you have selected an attestation policy, you can view other details about it. These details are explained in the following table.

Table 35: Description of the detailed content view
Content Module / View Description
Data This content module is on the Details view. You will find information about the attestation run, expiry date and progress up to now next to the name of the attestation policy.
Attestation details This content module you can view current pending, completed and delegated attestations. Another value is the total value of all existing attestation cases. There are more details about attestation cases with escalation and about speed of attestations.
Attestation forecast Details such as the predicted progress on the due date and predicted end date of the run are part of the attestation forecast. More predictions about estimated delays, when attestation would expire under the currently given conditions. Apart from this, attestation is already graded into categories Good, Mediocre and Bad.
Attestors Information about opened and closed attestation cases and the attestors involved are displayed for the selected attestation run on the Attestors tab. You can send reminders to the Compliance & Security Officer and the attestation policy owner but only if there are still pending attestation cases for this attestation policy. You can also renew the attestation, giving a reason.
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Sending Reminders about Attestation Runs

You can send reminders to attestators of all the visible attestation runs in the menu Attestation Policy Runs.

To send a reminder to the attestors

  1. Open the Attestation Policy Runs menu.
  2. Click Remind attestors of ALL visible runs and write a message to the attestors in the Send reminder mail dialog box.
  3. Click OK to confirm.

Sending Reminders about Selected Attestation Policy Runs

In the menu Attestation Policy Runs you can also send a reminder to attestors who are responsible for a selected attestation run. You have the option here, to write to all attestors or to individual attestors.

To send a reminder to the attestors

  1. Open the Attestation Policy Runs menu.
  2. You can switch between different views.
    1. Good
    1. Mediocre
    2. Bad
  3. Select an attestation policy.
    1. Perform one of the following tasks.
      1. Click Send reminder in the detail content view.

        - OR -

      2. Select the Attestors tab and select one or more approvers.
      3. Click under Send reminder under the list.
  4. Write a message to the attestors in the Send a reminder mail dialog box and confirm with OK.

Extending an Attestation Run

You can extend an attestation policy run in the Attestation policy runs menu. It is possible to extend all attestation policy runs.

To extend an attestation policy run

  1. Open the Attestation Policy Runs menu and mark an attestation policy run.
  2. Click Extend attestation run.
  3. Enter a new expiry date in the dialog box and a reason for the extension.
  4. Click OK to confirm.
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