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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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NOTE: This function is only available if the Attestation Module is installed.

The Auditing view is a submenu of the menu Attestation and displays all attestation cases within a selected time period. The content and type of view vary in presentation depending on the respective company.

Some functions have already been described in the menu My Attestation Status. You can find all the executable functions in the menu listed under "Detailed information about this topic".

Detailed information about this topic

Viewing Attestation Cases

You can gather comprehensive information about attestation cases in the Auditing menu.

To view information about an attestation case

  1. Open the menu Auditing and select an employee with Assign.
  2. Filter the list by any of the following:
    1. approved
    2. not approved
    3. pending
  3. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Use a filter and then mark the item you want in the result list.
    2. Mark the entry you want in the list.

    This displays details of the selected item in the detailed content view.


You will find the Escalation menu over the Attestation menu.

If the are attestations pending and the approver responsible is not available for an extended period or has no access to Web Portal, the fallback approver or member of the chief approval team must make an approval decision. For more detailed information about the chief approval team, see the One Identity Manager Attestation Administration Guide.

NOTE: You only see the menu item Escalation if you are a fallback approver or member of the chief approval team.

To view escalated attestations

  • Open the Escalation menu.

    This displays escalated attestations.

Escalated attestations are handled in the same way as pending attestations. For more information, see Viewing Attestation Cases.

IMPORTANT: The four-eye rule can be broken like this because chief approval team members can make approval decisions about Attestation cases at any time!


In the Compliance menu, you can run various actions and obtain information. The following tables provide you with an overview of the menu items and actions that can be executed here.

Table 41: Menu Items for the "Compliance" Menu


Menu item





My Actions

Pending Rule Violations

View all pending rule violations that you are responsible for and can approve.



Rule Violation History

View granted exception approvals.



Pending Policy Violations

View all pending policy violations that you are responsible for and can approve.



Policy Violations

View edited policy violations.



Rule Violations

View all rule violations in the select time period.



Policy Violations

View all policy violations in the select time period.


Governance Administration

High Risk Overview

View the top 10 statistics with critical objects, grouped by section. View all critical objects from different sections.



Compliance Frameworks

View details about Compliance Frameworks.



Rule Violations

View all rules and their violations that are assigned to Frameworks under your supervision.



Policy Violations

View all policies and their violations that are assigned to Frameworks under your supervision.



Rule Analysis

View compliance rule containing SAP functions. View SAP user account that are involved with the rule violations.



Critical Function Analysis

View compliance rule violations by user accounts, which are assigned to critical SAP functions.

Detailed information about this topic
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