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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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You can add new people over the People menu. This function is mainly designed for adding external employees. For example, subcontractors who are not entered in the human resources department. Data from new employees is either transferred completely to the database or existing data is updated and/or augmented. This depends on the system configuration and the import setting from closed systems.

To open the "People" menu

  • Open the menu Responsibilities | My Responsibilities and click People.
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Adding Employees

You can add new employees in the People menu.

To add a new employee

  1. Open the People menu and click Add a new employee.
  2. Enter the required data for the new employee and click Save.

    Fields marked with * are compulsory. The combination of last name and first name is checked on saving.

    There are different use cases that require different input sequences. The following tables layout the use cases and the respective input sequences.

    Table 49: Use Cases and Input Sequences when Adding a New Employee

    Use Case

    Input Sequence

    If this combination of first and last name does not exist, you will be prompted to save the changes.

    1. Confirm the prompt with OK.

      This adds the new employee.

    2. Save the changes.

    If this combination of first and last name already exists, they are listed in the view Other employees with similar properties.

    In this case, you have two possible options.

    If the employee you want to add is already in the list, you can select this data record and edit it. Proceed as follows.

    1. Mark the employees in the list whose data you want to use and click Update employee data.

      This displays a message and you are prompted to save the changes.

    2. Confirm the prompt with OK.

      The new employee data is added with the existing data. You can edit or change the data.

    3. Save the changes.

    Another option is to add new data despite the duplicate data record.

    1. Click Add a new employee.

      A message is displayed and you are asked whether you want to add a new employee.

    2. Confirm the prompt with OK.

      This adds the new employee.

    3. Save the changes.

Viewing Rule Violations

You can view rule violations for your staff in the People menu.

To view your staff's rule violations

  • Open the menu People and click Rule Violations.

    In the view, Compliance rule violations by direct reports, you can see the rule violations caused by your staff. The following information is listed in the view.

    Table 50: Columns in the View "Rule Violations by Direct Reports"




    Name of the supervised employee

    Rule violation

    Unique rule violation ID.


    Shows whether the rule violation was tested.

    Exception is approved

    Shows whether an exception was approved for the rule violation.

    Risk index (calculated)

    Shows the calculated risk index.

    Risk index (reduced)

    Shows the reduced risk index.

    Approval date

    Shows the approval date, if the rule violation was already checked.


    Shows a reason for the approval decision about the rule violation.

    You can select other columns to view using the Additional columns link. The following columns are available.

    Table 51: Additional Columns for the view "Compliance rule violations by direct reports"




    The name of the approver checking the rule.

    Valid until

    Date specifying for how long the rule violation applies.

    Standard reason

    Default reason available for all rule violations. Multiple use is possible.

Editing Employee Data

You can edit your staff's data in the People menu.

To view and edit employee data

  1. Open the menu People.
  2. Use a filter and then mark the item you want in the result list.
  3. Make the changes under Master data and click Save..
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