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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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New System Role

You can add new system roles in the System Roles menu. To do this, you enter the master data.

To add a new system role

  1. Open the System Roles menu and click New system role.
  2. Set the following in the Create a new system role view and click Save.

    NOTE: You must fill in the required fields (marked with an asterisk *). Optional fields can be filled in when you create the role, or later by changing the master data for the role.

    Table 62: New System Role Master Data



    System role

    Text box for naming the system role.

    Display name

    Text box for display name.

    Internal product names

    Text box for internal product name.

    System role type

    Menu for selecting the system role type.

    Service item

    Link for selecting a new requestable product.

    System role manager

    Link for selecting a user as manager.

    By default, the logged in user is assigned as the manager.


    Text box for tips and information.

    IT Shop

    If set, the system role is available through the IT Shop.

    The system role can also be assigned directly to employees and hierarchical roles.

    Only for use in IT Shop

    If set, the system role is available through the IT Shop.

    The system role may not assigned directly to hierarchical roles.


Departments, cost centers and locations are organizations that part of your management scope.

After you have opened the Departments menu, you will see a list of all the departments and sub-departments that you manage. You can run the following tasks:

  • View a variety of information about the organization (in an overview), its members, entitlements, risk analysis and attestation cases, usage and historical changes to memberships and entitlements.
  • Add members to the role.
  • Add entitlements to the role.
  • View statistics.

Some functions have already been described in other menus. You can find all the executable functions in the menu listed under "Detailed information about this topic".

To open the "Departments" menu.

  • Open the menu Responsibilities | My Responsibilities and click Departments.
Detailed information about this topic

Comparison Status of a Company Resource

You can compare the current state of a company resource with their state in the past in the History view. This compares attributes, which have changed within a specified time period. You specify the time period yourself in the date control provided.

As well as comparing a company resource's status, you can also compare an employee's status. For more information, see Comparing an Employee's Status.

The following step-by-step instructions show you how to compare statuses of an company resource using the example of a Location object type.

To compare the status of a company resource

  1. Open the Location menu and select a location.
  2. Select the Status comparison view under History.
  3. Use and to set the date and time.

    All the attributes for this employee are displayed in a list. By default, all attributes are selected.


You can view statistics for the departments that you manage.

To view statistics

  1. Open the Departments menu and select a department.
  2. Select Statistics.
Detailed information about this topic
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