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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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The Delegation menu is a submenu of the Responsibilities menu. Here you can delegate your responsibilities and view your delegation history. These actions can be called up over tiles.

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NOTE: This function is only available if the module Identity Management Base Module, Business Roles Module or System Roles Module is installed.

In the Delegations menu, you can cancel and delete delegations. All your delegations are listed here. You can cancel and delete approved delegations. These delegations are marked with the Approved status.

You can only delete delegations, which are not approved. Unapproved delegations have the status Request or Assigned. The delegation status is displayed in the detailed content view.

You can see the current status and validity, amongst other things, for every single delegation in the detailed content view. You can run the following action or get information.

  • You obtain detailed information about the selected delegation on the Delegation and Employee tabs.

  • The Details on the Delegation tab provide you with an extended version of the delegation information that is divided between the Information, Workflow and Compliance tabs.

To open the "Delegation" menu.

  • Open the menu Responsibilities | Delegation and click Delegation.

Adding New Delegations

You can add new delegations it he Delegation menu.

To add a new delegation

  1. Open the Delegation menu and click Add new delegation.

    This open the wizard for delegating role memberships and responsibilities. The Select a recipient view is selected.

  2. Select a recipient of the delegation with Assign and click Next.
  3. Mark the role you want to delegate in Select roles and click Next.

    Roles that have already been delegated can delegated again. You can also delegate several roles at the same time, as long as you want to delegate them to the same person.

    The Enter additional information view is now active.

  1. Set the following in the Additional Information view and click Save..
    Table 66: Additional Information for Delegation



    Valid from

    Start date and time of the delegation.

    Valid until

    Expiry date and time of the delegation.

    Notify me if the recipient of the delegation makes a decision.

    If the option is set, you receive a message in this case.

    The recipient can delegate this role

    If the option is set, the recipient of the delegation can delegate the role to someone else.


    Text box for entering a reason for delegating.


    Menu for selecting a priority.

    The following priorities are available:

    • Default
    • High
    • Medium
    • Low

    Delegations cannot be changed later. If you should want to make a change, you must withdraw the delegation and set up a new one.

Deleting Delegations

You delegations are displayed in the Delegation menu. You can limit the number of delegations displayed by filtering them. You can apply a filter to the column Type, for example. Here you can filter the assignment type by the following:

  • Employee manager
  • Role manager
  • Business owner
  • Membership

You can delete single or multiple delegations at the same time. You can also delete all delegations in one just step.

To delete one, several, all visible or your own delegations

  1. Open the menu Delegation.
  2. Use a filter and then mark the item you want in the result list.
  3. Perform one of the following tasks.
    Table 67: Ways of Deleting Delegations


    Input Sequence

    Delete a single delegation

    • Mark the delegation you want to delete and click .
    • Repeat this step for each of the delegations you want to delete at the same time.

    Delete all visible delegations

    • Mark all delegations visible in the list and click .
    • Click Select all.

      All delegations visible in the list are marked with .

    NOTE: Click to deselect the marked delegations. or click to individually deselect marked delegations.

    All visible delegations are deleted from the list. If the filter returns more than one page of results, they are displayed on subsequent pages.

    Delete your own delegations

    • Click Delete my delegations.
  4. Click Delete delegation and confirm the prompt with Yes.
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