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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Delegation History

In the delegation history, you can view all the delegations that you have been issued or have issued yourself.

You will see the name, type, validity of the delegation and to whom it was delegated in the list of delegations.

Use the Valid from and Valid to dates to limit the list of delegations. The simple and advances searches provide more limitation options.

For each delegation, you can obtain more information on the Information, Workflow, Compliance and Entitlements tabs in the detailed content view.


The menu Ownerships is a submenu of the Responsibilities menu. Here, you can assign business roles to owners. This action can be called up over tiles.

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Assigning Owners

In the Assign Ownership menu, you can assign an owner to devices and system entitlements, which do not have owners assigned. A wizard is available to help you make the assignments.

NOTE: In the menu Responsibilities, either the menu Assign ownership or Claim responsibility is visible. Which of the menus is displayed, depends on the system settings.
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Assigning Owners to Devices

In the Assign Ownership menu, you can assign an owner to a device.

To assign an owner to a device

  1. Open the Assign Ownership menu and click Device.

    This opens a wizard. The view Select a device is active.

  2. Click Assign next to Device and select a device from the list.

    This selects the device and displays details about it, for example, device model, workdesk and cost center.

  3. Click Next and select one of the options on the Select the new owner view.
    1. Select one of the automatically calculated owners

      In this case, you do not have to change any other settings.

    2. Select another owner.

      In this case, select an employee from the displayed list.

  4. Click Next and then Close in the Results view.
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