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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Employee's Approvals

The Approvals view in the Employee menu, displays all approval in the selected time period that the selected employee was involved in. Approvals are spread over the following views.

  • Approvals
  • Exception approvals
  • Attestations
  • Policy violations

NOTE: The advance search is only available in the Approvals view.

To search for an approval

  1. Open the menu Auditing | Employee and select an employee.
  2. Ensure that the Approvals view is selected in the Approvals view.
  3. Use the extended search.
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Employee Memberships

The Roles and Entitlement view shows all an employee's memberships. This view is similar to the Memberships view under the My Responsibilities menu.

To view employee memberships in more detail

  1. Select the view Roles and Entitlement.
  2. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Use a filter and then mark the item you want in the result list.
    2. Mark the entry you want in the list.

    This displays details of the selected item in the detailed content view.

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System Entitlements

In the menu Auditing, you can view the entitlements assigned to an employee for the particular target system type that they manage. Every target system type has its own tile in the Auditing view.

Auditing of system entitlements is the same for all target system types and is therefore described here for all of them together.

System entitlements map the objects that control access to target system resources in the target systems. A user account obtains the required permissions for accessing target system resources through its memberships in system entitlements. The following system entitlements are displayed in the Auditing menu, for example.

  • Active Directory groups
  • SAP groups
  • SharePoint groups

After you have selected the system entitlement, you can gather more information through various views. You will know many of the views already from the My Responsibilities menu.

Table 69: Overview of System Entitlement Views





Shows more details about the system entitlement in an Hyper View. This might be the target system that is assigned, user accounts and service item, for example.

To view all the information at one glance and navigate quickly to points of interest, click on the linked content in the shapes.

For creating reports.


Shows all employees that have access to the selected system entitlement.

You can view the origin of an assignment for a selected employee. An analysis of the assignment is shown in the detailed content view.

Master Data

Shows the properties entered in the master data for the system entitlement.

View of properties entered.

You can, for example, edit service items or set the risk index.

Child groups

Shows assigned sub groups.

Here you can see which groups are members in the selected system entitlement.


Show various role classes for viewing employee assignments for the selected system entitlement.

Select a role class to view employee assignments.


Lists all compliance rules and their analysis for the selected system entitlement.

For viewing compliance rule analyzes.


Displays the history of states and comparisons of the selected system entitlement.

You can swap from timeline to table view. Navigate by clicking the mouse within the timeline.


Lists all attestation cases for the selected system entitlement.

You can selectively search for an attestation case and display attestors for pending attestation cases or send reminders.

Viewing an Employee's System Entitlements

The view for an employee's system entitlements are explained on the basis of an Active Directory group example.

To view an Active Directory group's system entitlements

  1. Select the target system in the AuditingActive Directory menu.
  2. Select an employee in the Auditing - Active Directory view using Change.

    This displays the system entitlements assigned to the employee.

  3. Click Show details.

    This displays other view for the selected system entitlement.

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