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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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You can assign applications directly or indirectly to employees. Indirect assignment is carried out by assigning employees and applications to company structures, like departments, cost centers, locations or business roles. Assigned applications might be internet software, address management, mail or text handling, for example.

All resources are displayed in a list in the Auditing view that you select through Applications in the Auditing menu. You can select an employee from here to view more details about their application.

After you have selected the application, you can gather more information through various views. You will know many of the views already from the My Responsibilities menu.

Table 78: Overview of Application Views





Shows more details about the application in a Hyper View. This information might be assigned service items, managers or system roles, for example.

To view all the information at one glance and navigate quickly to points of interest, click on the linked content in the shapes.

For creating reports.


Show all employees that have access to the selected application.

You can view the origin of an assignment for a selected employee. An analysis of the assignment is shown in the detailed content view.

Master Data

Display the properties for the select application grouped under the master data.

View of properties entered.

You can edit the service item, for example.


Shows various role classes for viewing employees who are members of the selected service.

Select a role class to view employee assignments.


Lists all compliance rules and their analysis for the selected application.

For viewing compliance rule analyzes.


Lists all attestation cases for the selected application.

You can selectively search for an attestation case and display attestors for pending attestation cases or send reminders.

Governance Administration

In the Governance Administration view that you reach through the Responsibilities view, you can edit business roles or system entitlements as a target system administrator. You can make the following changes, for example.

  • Add a new owner role to an Active Directory group and assign a new product owner.
  • Edit an Active Directory group's requestability.
  • Modify entitlement properties.
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Business Roles

As a business role administrator, you can view every role in the Governance Administration menu and edit them. Deleted roles can be restored.

To view business roles

  1. Open the menu Responsibilities | Governance Administration and click Business Roles.

    By default, all roles are listed with their names, managers and roles classes. Use the Additional Columns link to display more detailed about the business classes.

  2. Mark the desired role.

    To search for the role you want, you have the usual help available such as a filter function, filter wizard and the search function. For more information, see Navigation and Handling.

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Editing Business Roles

In the menu Governance Administration you can edit properties on all business roles as an administrator.

In the menu My responsibilities you can edit the business roles that you manage. You will find this content listed under "Detailed information about this topic" because the method of editing is the same for both menus and each editing step in the menu My Responsibilities has already been described.

To edit a role

  • Select your role and click Edit in the detailed content view.

    This open a view for the selected role with more selection options, which you will recognize from the My Responsibilities menu.

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