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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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As administrator, you can view and edit all the organizations in the menu, Governance Administration. Deleted roles can be restored. Organizations are divided into cost centers, departments and locations.

To select an organization

  1. Open the menu Responsibilities | Governance Administration and click Organizations.

    This opens the Organization view.

  2. Select the desired organization type.

    This lists all the roles belonging to the selected organization type. Use the Additional columns link to display more details about the organization type.

  3. Marked the required role.

    To search for the role you want, you have the usual help available such as a filter function, filter wizard and the search function. For more information, see Navigation and Handling.

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Editing Roles

In the Governance Administration menu under Organizations, you can edit roles.

To edit a role

  1. Select your role and click Edit in the detailed content view.

    This open a view for the selected role with more selection options, which you will recognize from the My Responsibilities menu.

  2. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Edit the master data.
    2. Request or delete memberships.
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Restoring Roles

In the Governance Administration menu under Organizations, you can restore deleted roles.

To restore a deleted role

  1. Select the role you want to restore and click Restore a deleted role in the detailed content view.

    This opens a dialog box. The view Select deleted role is enabled and lists all the deleted objects.

    NOTE: You can also select Select deleted role before you select the organization type.

    NOTE: You can set a date in order to limit your search for deleted roles.
  2. Select the desired role and click Next.

    Multi-select is possible. The view Verify appears and lists the actions that will be run on restore.

  3. You can deselect individual actions if you do not want to run them all. Click Next.
  4. Close the dialog box.

Related Applications

You may be able to access other applications, as configured by your system administrator. This provides you with a shortcut to other web applications deemed of value by your company.

NOTE: If you are a system administrator, and would like to add applications, see the One Identity Manager Web Designer Reference Guide.

To access other web applications from the Web Portal

  • Open the Applications menu and choose the desired web application.

    The application may appear within the Web Portal, or in a separate window, depending on how the system administrator configured it.

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