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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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In the Calls menu, you can add new calls or view all calls in the call history.

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Adding New Calls

When you add new calls, you report problem cases with different causes. For example, a call can be added for an employee who reports a problem or for products for which conditions of contact were specified. Even a device or workdesk associated with the problematic device, can play a part when adding a call.

To add a new call

  1. Open the menu New Call.
  2. Enter a detailed description of the problem and select the affected product.
  3. Set the severity of the problem in Severity and select a cost center using Assign.
  4. Select an additional employee with Assign and click Save..

Viewing Call History

Call History

In the Call History view, you can see all placed calls.

NOTE: Use the check boxes at the top of the section to limit the calls shown.

To view a specific call

  1. Open the menu Call History and select a call in the list.

    More information about the call is displayed in the detailed content view. You can subsequently change Severity, Description and Product entries on the Master Data tab.

  2. View the staff involved, status and measures taken on the History tab.
  3. View attachments on the Attachments tab.
  4. Click Save.

Removing Attachments

In the Call History menu, you can remove single files that have been added as attachments to a call.

To delete a file from a call's attachments

  1. Open the menu Call History and select a call in the list.
  2. Select the Attachments tab in the detailed content view and click on next to the file.
  3. Confirm the message with Yes.

    This deletes the file from the attachments.

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