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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Viewing Changes for a Specific Period

In a heatmap you can view data within a specific time period.

To view data for a specific time period

  • Select the entry you want from the second field, for example, month-to-date changes.

    The data is displayed in the heatmap according to your selection.

Limiting Amounts of Data

You can limit the amount of data displayed in the heatmap by using the slide rule.

To limit the size of the data

  • Click on one of the slide rulers in the scale an the bottom of the view to limit the data size.

    NOTE: You may be shown up to 500 data sets graphically.

Displaying Object Details

To get more information, you can call up object details about an rectangle in a heatmap.

To obtain more information about individual roles or organizations

  1. Click on the rectangle in the view after you have made your settings and the Web Portal has adjusted the view to them.

    Another shape is displayed for the rectangle with additional information.

    NOTE: You also obtain additional information about the role or organization of you choice when you mouse over the corresponding rectangle. This information is not so comprehensive and is there to provide initial orientation within the heatmap.
  2. Perform one of the following tasks.
    1. Click on one of the clickable items to obtain more information.
    2. Select more information through Display object details.

    A view with detailed information, spread over several tabs, is displayed for the square you click on.

What Statistics are Available?

The statistics and heatmaps you see in the Web Portal depend on your roles and permissions. Only statistics relevant to you are available on the start page.

Statistics can be customized to display the objects and statistics that interest you. You can also sort and filter statistic information, and export it to a report. For more information, see Discovering your Dashboard on the Start Page.

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