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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Using the Help

You can use the guide as well as online help to answer questions about the Web Portal. The online help is available in the web application, for example.

To call up help in the Web Portal

  • Click in the header and then Help.

    The One Identity Manager Web Portal User Guide is opened as online help.


The support portal is there to give you technical support. There you can find a large number of solutions to different issues. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter Über uns.

To open the support portal

  • Click in the header and then Support.

    This open the support portal.


The One Identity Community offers you a forum where you can exchange information and solutions with other users.

To open the One Identity Community website.

  • Click in the header and then Community.

    This open the One Identity Community website.


You can to call up information about a database session and view it in Web Portal.

NOTE: It is only possible to view the information about the database connection. You cannot make changes to the data.

The data connection details are displayed in a dialog window. You can see information about the web application user, permissions groups and the program function allowed.

Information about the user is shown in the System user view. Here, you will find out more about the authentication type, user ID, which permissions the user has (read and/or write access), whether the user is a dynamic user and how the user was added.

You can view permissions groups with a description about each group listed on the Permissions group view.

A list of program functions with a description is available on the Program functions view.

To open the "Connection" dialog box.

  1. Click in the header and then Connection.
  2. Select the view for the information type you want to view in more detail.
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