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Identity Manager 8.0 - Web Portal User Guide

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Selecting a Language

You can configure which language you want use in the Web Portal.

To set the language for your web application

  1. Click in the header and select My Profile in the menu.

    The tab Contact Data is preselected.

  1. Click Change next to the Language culture entry and select your preferred language.
  2. Save the changes.

    The changes take effect immediately in the Web Portal.

NOTE: Another way of changing the language is through the browser. The browser settings only apply if your web application does not specify a language.

NOTE: You can also set the language in the Connection dialog box from the menu.


The About menu shows you, amongst other things, information about your currently installed version of the Web Portal and the registered names of the product. It is displayed in dialog box containing the following views.

  • About

    Displays the registered trade mark names and the currently installed version of the Web Portal.

  • Legal Notices

    Lists components from third-parties included in the Web Portal. The contact data and the component license might also be given.

  • Contact

    This shows the contact data for purchasing queries or other questions.

To open the "About" dialog box

  1. Click in the header and then About.

    The About view is pre-selected.

  2. Select the view for the information type you want to view in more detail.


The filter function is represented by and provides various types of filters. It is available in all table columns.

NOTE: The contents of filter dialog boxes vary depending on context. You can filter by text, numeric values, fixed values, such as gender, "yes" or "no", dates or objects.

To use filter on a column

  • Open a menu, which shows a view with tables.
  • Click in the selected column.
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Text Filters

You can find a text filter in the column Product in the Request History view.

To apply filter criteria to text

  1. Enter one or more terms in Filtering on... in the dialog box.
  2. Select one of the following criteria from the menu.
    Table 15: Other criteria for applying filters to text boxes



    All words

    This displays all search results, which contain the term in the text box.

    Starts with...

    Only results, which start with the given term are displayed.

    Ends with...

    Only results, which end with the given term are displayed.

    One or more words

    Only results containing at least on of the given terms are displayed.

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