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Identity Manager 8.1.2 - Web Portal User Guide

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Viewing rule violations

You can view rule violations for your staff in the People menu.

To view your staff's rule violations

  1. In the menu bar, click Responsibilities | My Responsibilities.

  2. Open the People menu and click Rule violations.

    In the Rule violations from direct subordinates view, you can see the rule violations caused by your staff. The following information is listed in the view.

    Table 47: Columns in "Rule violations by direct reports" view




    Name of the supervised employee

    Rule violation

    Unique rule violation ID.


    Shows whether the rule violation was tested.

    Exception is approved

    Shows whether an exception was approved for the rule violation.

    Risk index (calculated)

    Shows the calculated risk index.

    Risk index (reduced)

    Shows the reduced risk index.

    Approval date

    Shows the approval date, if the rule violation was already checked.


    Shows a reason for the approval decision about the rule violation.

    Use the View Settings | Additional columns to show more columns in the view. The following columns are available.

    Table 48: Additional columns for "Compliance rule violations by direct reports"




    The name of the approver checking the rule.

    Valid until

    Date specifying for how long the rule violation applies.

    Standard reason

    Default reason available for all rule violations. Multiple use is possible.

Editing employee data

You can edit your staff's data in the People menu.

To view and edit employee data

  1. In the menu bar, click Responsibilities | My Responsibilities.

  2. Open People.

  3. Use a filter and then mark the item you want in the result list.

  4. Make the changes under Master data and click Save.

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Assigning new managers

In the People menu, you can assign new managers to your staff in their master data.

To assign an employee to a new manager

  1. In the menu bar, click Responsibilities | My Responsibilities.

  2. Open the People menu and select an employee.

  3. Select Master data and click Assign to new manager.

  4. Select a new manager using Change.

  5. Enable the checkbox in Assign to new managerand set a time and date from which the new manager takes effect.

    NOTE: If the employee with the new manager already has approved requests or entitlements, they are deleted automatically on this date. If you want the employee to retain these requests or entitlements when transferring to the new manager, disable the Delete on the effective date or Cancel on the effective date.

  6. Click Submit and choose OK to confirm.

    Your changes are saved and the message Your manager change request has been submitted. is displayed in the employee's Master data.

    NOTE: Your request to change managers is presented for approval in the Pending Requests menu of the approver responsible.

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Creating a passcode

If one of your staff has forgotten their password for logging into the Web Portal and the password cannot be reset with the question and answer function, you can create a passcode for them.

The passcode can only be used once and is only valid for a limited time period.

To create a passcode for an employee

  1. In the menu bar, click Responsibilities | My Responsibilities.

  2. Open the People menu and select an employee.

  3. Click Passcode.

    The generated passcode and its validity are displayed in a dialog.

  4. Note or mark the code and send the it and the validity period to the employee.

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