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Identity Manager 8.1.3 - Starling Connect Connector Module Release Notes

Release Notes

One Identity Manager 8.1.3

Release Notes for Starling Connect Connector Module

June 2020

This document provides information about Starling Connect Connector used to connect to Starling Connect Platform using the capabilities of SCIM Connector and configurations from the Starling Hybrid Subscription.

About this release

This release introduces a new One Identity Manager connector, the Starling Connect Connector, which can be used to create a synchronization project to synchronize data from the Starling Connectors.

Supported platforms

Starling Connect Connector Module can be configured with One Identity Manager 8.1.3

NOTE: The System Requirements applicable to the One Identity Manager applies to Starling Connect Connector Module also.

Supported features

Supported features for One Identity Manager SCC module:

  • Creating a SCIM synchronization project for Starling Connectors.

Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

Table 1: General resolved issues
Resolved Issue Issue ID

The error handling in SCC module is enhanced to display the detailed error message in the client.


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