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Identity Manager 8.1.4 - Administration Guide for Connecting to Active Directory

Managing Active Directory environments Setting up Active Directory synchronization Basic data for managing an Active Directory environment
Account definitions for Active Directory user accounts Password policies for Active Directory user accounts Initial password for new Active Directory user accounts Email notifications about login data User account names Target system managers Editing a server
Active Directory domains Active Directory user accounts
Linking user accounts to employees Supported user account types Entering master data for Active Directory user accounts Additional tasks for managing Active Directory user accounts Automatic assignment of employees to Active Directory user accounts Updating employees when Active Directory user account are modified Automatic creation of departments and locations based on user account information Disabling Active Directory user accounts Deleting and restoring Active Directory user accounts
Active Directory contacts Active Directory groups
Entering master data for Active Directory groups Validity of group memberships Assigning Active Directory groups to Active Directory user accounts, Active Directory contacts, and Active Directory computers Additional tasks for managing Active Directory groups Deleting Active Directory groups Default solutions for requesting Active Directory groups and group memberships
Active Directory security IDs Active Directory container structures Active Directory computers Active Directory printers Active Directory locations Reports about Active Directory objects Configuration parameters for managing an Active Directory environment Default project template for Active Directory

Further identification data

Enter the address data used by this contact for contacting the employee on the Identification tab.

Table 52: Master data for identification
Property Description




Street or road.



Zip code

Zip code.





Country ID

The country ID.


Employee's company.


Employee's department

Job description

Job description.

Employee ID

Employee's unique marker, for example their ID.

Account manager

Manager responsible for the contact.

To specify an account manager

  1. Click next to the field.
  2. In the Table menu, select the table that maps the account manager.
  3. In the Account manager menu, select the manager.
  4. Click OK.

Extensions data for Active Directory contacts

On the Extensions tab, you enter the user-defined Active Directory schema extensions for the contact.

Table 53: Extensions data
Property Description
Extensions data Custom extension data in binary format.
Attribute extension 01 - attribute extension 15

Additional company-specific information. Use the Designer to customize display names, formats, and templates for the input fields.

Additional tasks for managing Active Directory contacts

After you have entered the master data, you can run the following tasks.

Overview of Active Directory contacts

Use this task to obtain an overview of the most important information about a contact.

To obtain an overview of a contact

  1. Select the Active Directory | Contacts category.
  2. Select the contact in the result list.
  3. Select the Active Directory contact overview task.
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