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Identity Manager 8.1.4 - API Designer User and Development Guide

API Designer Basic principles of API development Examples and help – Software Development Kit Quick start – Creating an API Working with the API Designer
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API projects API files API Server ImxClient command line program

Importing API files

You can import API files into the API Designer. The API Designer automatically detects that the files are API files and imports them as such.

To import an API file

  1. Click Edit | Import object on the menu bar.

  2. In the file browser, select the API file and click Open.

    The API file is imported.

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API Server

The API that you created in the API Designer is available in the API Server.

To call the API Server web interface

  • In a web browser, open the web address (URL) of your API Server.

    From here, you can:

    • Call the swagger documentation for your API.

    • Open the Operations Support Web Portal.

    • Call all installed HTML5 applications.

ImxClient command line program

The ImxClient command line tool can be used to execute all API Designer API functions from a command line without a graphical interface.

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Starting the ImxClient command line program

You can start the ImxClient command line tool at any time using any command line interface.

To start the lmxClient command line program

  1. Open a command line interface (for example, Windows Powershell).

  2. In the command line program, go to the installation path for the API Designer.

  3. Run the ImxClient.exe application.

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