Identity Manager 8.1 - Administration Guide for Connecting to Native Databases through Database Systems Integration Module

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Updating role membership

Updating role membership

The following describes the process of updating the role membership of a SAP HANA user.

  1. Open the Manager.
  2. Navigate to Custom target systems | <required target system root> | User accounts.
  3. In Custom target system, select the Group to be updated.
  4. From the Assign Groups section, add or remove groups to update the role membership.

    The role membership is updated.


Issues related to the use of this module range from server-related issues to Job server latencies. Some of the issues that can affect the use of this module are mentioned here:

  • Network issues connecting the database instance with the Job server handling database synchronization and provisioning tasks.

  • For details about the errors related to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases, see the Job server logs.

  • Detailed information on the errors for the SAP HANA Synchronization or Provisioning is not available in the Job Queue, as it uses SAP HANA client assemblies.

  • Connectivity issues related to the instance unavailability or incorrect credentials being supplied while connecting to the database.

  • Provisioning issues can be related to specific known issues of the target databases. For example, in Oracle database, GLOBAL_AQ_USER_ROLE cannot be assigned to a user object type.

For more information on known issues specific to the target databases, refer the One Identity Manager Release Notes for Database Systems Integration Module.

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