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Identity Manager 8.1 - Attestation Administration Guide

Attestation and recertification
One Identity Manager users for attestation Attestation base data Attestation policies Creating custom mail templates for notifications
Approval processes for attestation cases
Approval policies Approval workflows Selecting attestors Setting up multi-factor authentication for attestation Prevent attestation by employee awaiting attestation Managing attestation cases
Attestation sequence Default attestation and withdrawal of entitlements User attestation and recertification Mitigating controls Appendix: Configuration parameters for attestation

Customizing email signatures

Configure the email signature for mail templates using the following configuration parameter.

Table 13: Configuration Parameters for Email Signatures

Configuration parameter


Common | MailNotification | Signature

Data for the signature in email automatically generated from mail templates.

Common | MailNotification | Signature | Caption

Signature under the salutation.

Common | MailNotification | Signature | Company

Company name.

Common | MailNotification | Signature | Link

Link to company website.

VI_GetRichMailSignature combines the components of an email signature according to the configuration parameters for use in mail templates.

Custom notification processes

Set up customized processes to send more email notifications within an attestation case. You can use following events for generating processes.

Table 14: Events for the AttestationHelper object


Triggered by


Create a new attestation case.


Sequence of reminder intervals.

Table 15: Events for object AttestationCase


Triggered by


Approval granted for an approval step.


Approval denied for an approval step.


Approval granted for an entire approval procedure.


Approval denied for an entire approval procedure.


Making a query


Answering a query


Recalling a query


Attestation case escalated.


Attestation case aborted.


Obsolete attestation case aborted.

For detailed information about creating processes, see the One Identity Manager Configuration Guide.

Approval processes for attestation cases

All attestation procedures are subject to a defined approval process. During this approval process, authorized employees grant or deny approval for attestation objects. You can configure this approval process in various ways and therefore customize it to meet your company policies.

You define approval policies and approval workflows for approval processes. Specify the approval workflows to apply to the attestation cases in the approval policies. Use approval workflows to find out, which employees in which order, can grant or deny attestation. An approval workflow can contain several approval levels and several approval steps. A special approval procedure is used to determine the attestors in each approval step.

Detailed information about this topic

Approval policies

One Identity Manager uses approval policies to determine the attestor for each attestation case.

To edit an approval policy

  1. Select Attestation | Basic configuration data | Approval policies.

  2. Select an approval policy in the result list and run Change master data.

    - OR -

    Click in the result list toolbar.

  3. Edit the approval policy master data.

  4. Save the changes.
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