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Identity Manager 8.1 - Configuration Guide

About this guide One Identity Manager software architecture Customizing the One Identity Manager default configuration Adjusting the One Identity Manager base configuration One Identity Manager schema basics Editing the user interface
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Setting up Job servers in Designer Configuring the One Identity Manager Service Handling processes in One Identity Manager
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The plug-in writes a log file that records the One Identity Manager Service HTTP requests.

Enter the following parameter:

  • Output file (LogFile)

    Enter the name of the file that is to record the messages. The file is written in Apache HTTP Server Combined Log Format.


This plug-in calls up an external program in regular intervals. This is useful, for example, when process steps need to be routed over their own transfer methods.

Table 109: ScheduleCommandPlugin parameters



Command to execute (Command)

Command to be run including command line option This command is executed as a cmd and therefore built-in commands are possible.

Service start command (StartCommand)

Command executed when the One Identity Manager Service is started

Service start command (StopCommand)

Command executed when the One Identity Manager Service is stopped

Execution inteval (Interval)

Interval (in seconds) at which the command should be called While the command is running, the timer is stopped so that the calls do not overlap. The default value is 60.

Command output to log file (OutputToLog)

Specifies whether the command outputs are logged if successful If this parameter is set, the command output is also written to the One Identity Manager Service's log file when successful. If the parameter is disabled, only errors are written to the log file.

Severity level (LogSeverity)

Message types used for messages that appear in the log file when the transaction is successful Permitted values are Info, Warning and Serious. The default value is Info.


This plug-in restarts One Identity Manager Service when less than a defined number of requests are made within a specified interval.

Table 110: RequestWatchDogPlugin parameters



Monitoring interval Interval

Monitoring interval in seconds. The default value is 600.

Min. number of requests (MinRequests)

Minimum number of requests that must be made within the specified interval. The default value is 2.


This plugin exports the One Identity Manager Service status values as performance counter. Monitoring through a system monitor is thus enabled. The list of currently available performance counters is displayed under http://<servername>:1880/PerfCounter.

Table 111: PerformanceCounterPlugin parameters



Value types to specify (CounterType)

Value types provided as performance counters Int and Long values are directly output, while TimeSpan values are output as Long values (numbe of milliseconds).

Polling interval (PollingInterval)

Interval (in seconds) at which the performance counters are exported


Category under which the performance counters of the One Identity Manager Service are displayed. This information is required if several One Identity Manager Services with this plug-in are active on the server.

NOTE: If, after restarting the One Identity Manager Service, an error of the type At least one service could not be started occurs, enter the WMI Performance Adapter service as dependent on the One Identity Manager Service.

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