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Identity Manager 8.1 - Installation Guide

About this Guide One Identity Manager overview Installation prerequisites Installing One Identity Manager Installing and configuring the One Identity Manager Service Automatic updating of One Identity Manager Updating One Identity Manager Installing and updating an application server Installing the API Server Installing, configuring and maintaining the Web Portal Installing and updating the Manager web application Logging in to One Identity Manager tools Error handling Appendix: Creating a One Identity Manager database for a test or development environment from a database backup Appendix: Extended configuration of the Manager web application Appendix: Machine roles and installation packages Appendix: Settings for a new SQL Server database

Appendix: Machine roles and installation packages

Table 64: Machine role and installation package options
Machine role Description of the Installation Package

Contains all basic components for installing tools on an administrative workstation.


Contains One Identity Manager administration tools required by default users for fulfilling their task with One Identity Manager, As well as the tools, which ensure basic functionality for working with One Identity Manager, this includes the Manager as the main administration tools.


Contains all One Identity Manager tools of the default user and additional programs for configuring the system. These include, for example, Configuration Wizard, Database Compiler, Database Transporter, Crypto Configuration, Designer, Web Designer, and configuration tools for the One Identity Manager Service.

Development & Testing

Contains the One Identity Manager tools for developing and testing custom scripts and forms, for example, the System Debugger.


Contains One Identity Manager programs for monitoring the system status, for example Job Queue Info.



Contains One Identity Manager documentation in different languages.

Contains all the basic components for setting up a server.

Job server

Contains the One Identity Manager Service and basic processing components. Additional machine roles contain connectors for synchronizing individual target systems.

Appendix: Settings for a new SQL Server database

The Configuration Wizard creates a new SQL Server database with the following settings.

Table 65: Properties for Creating the Database



Database name

<Database name>

Data file directory

<Data directory>

Data file name

<Database name>.mdf

Initial data file size

<Initial size>

Max file size


Automatic increase of data file size

10 %

Transaction log file directory

<Log directory>

Transaction log name

<Database name>.ldf

Initial size of transaction log

1/2 <initial size>

Maximum size of transaction log file


Automatic increase of transaction log size

10 %

Directory for memory-optimized tables

<RAM directory>

Directory for memory-optimized tables

<RAM directory>\<Database name>_mem

Name of the memory-optimized data file group

<Database name>_mem

Database collation


Compatibility level


Restore model


Automatic asynchronous statistics update


Automatic statistics update


Minimize automatically


Create statistics automatically


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