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Identity Manager 8.1 - Operations Support Web Portal User Guide

Process details

You can access the Process details page via the Processes page. The page will provide you with detailed information about a specific process. Any steps belonging to the process and their dependencies are displayed.

To find out how to display process details, see Viewing processes and details.

You can view the following information on the Process details page.

Table 6: Process details



Process task

Shows the name of the process task that is currently running.

Created on

Shows when the process started.

Steps completed

Shows how many process steps have already been completed (status Completed).

Progress state

Shows the process status. The following types of status may be shown:

  • True: The process is currently running.

  • False: The process cannot run yet. The process is waiting for another process to end.

  • Frozen: The process cannot run. An error has occurred.

  • Overlimit: The process has been running for too long without changing to the status Completed or Frozen.

  • Completed: The process was successfully completed.

  • Delete: The process is being deleted (after completing successfully).

TIP: You can use the elements beneath the table to:

  • specify how many entries you want to display per page

  • navigate to other pages

Related Topics

Viewing processes and details

To view processes

  • In the navigation, click Processes | Processes.

    The Processes page is opened, displaying any ongoing processes.

    TIP: Use the filter above the table to limit the number of processes displayed.

To view process details

  1. In the navigation, click Processes | Processes.

  2. On the Processes page, click Details in the relevant process row in the Actions column.

    The Process details page is opened, displaying the details of the relevant process (see Process details).

Related Topics

Retry processes

You can rerun processes in the process overview that have the status Frozen or Overlimit. You can also rerun processes in the failed processes overview (see Display failed Job queue processes).

To retry a process

  1. In the navigation, click Processes | Processes.

  2. In the Processes window, click Retry in the relevant process row in the Actions column.

To retry several processes

  1. In the navigation, click Processes | Processes.

  2. In the Processes window, enable the check box next to the processes that you would like to rerun.

  3. Click Actions | Retry.

Related Topics

Display failed Job queue processes

On the page Processes with status "Frozen" "<Job queue>", you can display failed job queue processes and their details (see Viewing processes and details) and rerun processes (see Retry processes). Unlike the normal process overview, only failed processes are displayed on this page.

To display failed processes

  1. In the navigation, click Statistics.

  2. On the overview page, click Display in the Process issues tile under Service issues.

    The page Processes with status "Frozen" "<Jobqueue>” is opened.

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