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Identity Manager 8.2.1 - Web Designer and Web Portal Changes

One Identity Manager
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Web control: VI.WebRuntime.WebControls.GridBlock

The GridRowAlternateCssClass property has been removed. All current browsers support flexible styling of odd or even rows. The default value for this property was GridRowAlternate.

Replace any styles associated with this CSS class with CSS rules using the appropriate pseudo-class:

.Grid tr:nth-child(odd) { /* insert rules for odd rows */ }

.Grid tr:nth-child(even) { /* insert rules for even rows */ }

Using the rebranding helper tool

Because of rebranding requirements, some identifiers used by the web controls and the Web Portal have changed:

  • CSS class names

  • HTML attribute names

  • Javascript API names

  • URL parameter names

As a general rule, the product now uses the imx prefix to identify One Identity Manager specific declarations.

There is a command-line tool that changes the identifiers in a web project. To use the tool, the web project must exist in a folder structure. The tool is called WebDesigner.RebrandingHelper.exe and is provided in the QBM\dvd\AddOn\RebrandingHelper folder. It does not need to be installed.

To preview the changes

  • Use the P keyword (for preview), such as:

    WebDesigner.RebrandingHelper.exe "c:\some\path" "xml" "" P

To change the files

  • Run the same command again using the C keyword (for change):

    WebDesigner.RebrandingHelper.exe "c:\some\path" "xml" "" C

Known Issues

Known issue with using the menu control in the Web Designer preview

When the mouse hovers over a main menu item, the item’s child menu opens. In the Web Designer preview, the user has to click on the item to open the sub menu instead.

The background and foreground colors of the menu also show slight differences. Furthermore, opening one menu does not reliably close the other menu items.

This bug only occurs when using the Web Designer preview browser. A stand-alone Internet Explorer and all other supported browsers do not exhibit this bug. This is a bug in a third-party component.

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