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Identity Manager 8.2.1 - Web Designer and Web Portal Changes

One Identity Manager
Compiling web projects with customizations Updating web applications Changes in Web Designer and in Web Portal 8.0 Changes in Web Designer and in Web Portal 7.1 Changes in Web Designer and in Web Portal 7.0

Using entities in Web Designer collections

Web projects now compile directly to the asynchronous VI.DB entity layer. Database-bound Web Designer collections now contain entities (IEntity objects) instead of IColElem/ISingleDbObject objects.

Choosing the entity load type

Selecting the correct entity load type can have a significant impact on application performance. The new Web Designer node type Database access options allows selecting the best load type for every use case. See the One Identity Manager Web Designer Reference Guide for this node type for more information on the different options.

It is recommended to load read-only entities first, and then convert an entity to a writable or interactive entity only when required. The new Web Designer action node type Create interactive entities can be used to convert an entity of any type into an interactive one, which can be used to set values or call customizer methods.

Change to Web SQL GetObjectKey() function

When calling this function on proxy objects (such as UNSGroup), in previous versions the key of the proxy entity was returned (such as <Key><T>UNSGroup</T><P>…</P></Key>).

Because this key is an artificial key that mostly cannot be used for database comparisons, the function was changed to return the key of the proxy entity instead, which will include the actual object type (such as <Key><T>ADSGroup</T><P>…</P></Key>).

Removed ListView control

The ListView control has been removed. Any ListView nodes will still be displayed in Web Designer, however the compiler will generate an error when it encounters a ListView node.

It is strongly recommended to replace any usage of the ListView control in custom web components before migrating to One Identity Manager 7.1.

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