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Identity Manager 9.1 - Web Designer Reference Guide

The Web Designer editor Web Designer structures and functions The Web Designer object model Working with the Web Designer Web project configuration options Customizing the Web Portal Basics of Web Designer programming Compiling and debugging Monitoring Frequent tasks in the Web Portal

Local components

A local component is a node in the tree structure of a module and a component. It provides a better overview for programming and can be referenced in other modules and components.


The same applies to a control as to a local component. They are defined within a module and are only found there.

As a result, a reference to a control can only be set in the module in which the control was defined. A benefit of controls is simple referencing.


A function provides a better overview and is suitable for checking readability. That ensures increased quality. Function are available only in the respective module or component.

NOTE: Functions defined in a session module are an exception. These functions can be implemented everywhere.

Layout objects

Layout objects are layout definitions and describe the appearance of display nodes (nodes of type View) that are rendered in the browser. There is at least one layout variation defined for each display node where possible. Layouts with the ending default are used by the associated node type without having to be entered on individual nodes.

Each object in the layout definition list corresponds to a CSS class and is linked to a node type. This layout definition is therefore available for each node of a particular node type. You can set up more new layout definitions in this list. A wizard is available to you to customize a default layout definition. For more information, see Project configuration - customization.

For a better overview, layout definitions are divided into type and group in the navigation view.

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