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Identity Manager 9.2 - Password Capture Agent Administration Guide

The One Identity Manager Password Capture Agent Managing the Password Capture Agent Fine-tuning automated password synchronization The Password Capture Agent Windows PowerShell module Event log for the Password Capture Agent Customizing security for the Password Capture Agent service Achieving high availability for the web service with Windows Network Load Balancing Installing the Password Capture Agent with MSIEXEC Certificate lookup options Known error codes

System requirements for Password Capture Agent

The following are the minimum system requirements for installing and operating the Password Capture Agent.

  • Windows operating system

    Following versions are supported:

    • Windows Server 2022

    • Windows Server 2019

    • Windows Server 2016

    • Windows Server 2012 R2

    • Windows Server 2012

  • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.8 or later

Installing the Password Capture Agent

You can use this method to manually deploy the Password Capture Agent on each domain controller in the source Active Directory domain.

To manually install the Password Capture Agent

  1. On a 64-bit domain controller, run the One Identity Manager Password Capture Agent.msi file.

    You can find the One Identity Manager Password Capture Agent.msi file on the One Identity Manager installation medium in Modules\ADS\dvd\AddOn\PasswordCaptureAgent.

  2. Use the wizard to complete the Password Capture Agent installation.

Using Windows PowerShell to install the Password Capture Agent

The Password Capture Agent provides a Windows PowerShell module for remote and automated installation, configuration, and uninstall. You can use this method to automatically deploy the Password Capture Agent on each domain controller in the source Active Directory domain.

For installing the Password Capture Agent remotely you should have prepared:

  • The thumbprint of the certificate for password encryption, for example:


  • The URL of the web service, for example:


Use the following commands in an elevated Windows PowerShell.

Import-Module OneIM-PasswordCaptureAgentMgmt

$ConfigProfile = New-PCAConfigProfile

$ConfigProfile['WebClient.WebServiceURL'].ConfigValue = '<Your URL>'

$ConfigProfile['WebClient.WebServiceType'].ConfigValue = 'REST'

$ConfigProfile['WebClient.AuthenticationType'].ConfigValue = 'WindowsIntegrated'

$ConfigProfile['Backend.AuthenticationModule'].ConfigValue = 'DialogUser'

$ConfigProfile['Backend.Credential'].ConfigValue = Get-Credential viCaptureAgent

$ConfigProfile['Backend.CertificateThumbprint'].ConfigValue = '<Your Thumbprint>'


-ComputerName <Computer name>`

–LogFile <Full UNC path to the log file on the remote server>`


-Setup <UNC path for One Identity ManagerPassword Capture Agent MSI>`

-ConfigurationProfile $ConfigProfile

NOTE: To check that the Password Capture Agent is properly installed and working, you can examine the event viewer on the deployed server. The Password Capture Agent has its own log in the event viewer. The Password Capture Agent logs its summary status to this log after every system start and other such notable events during runtime.

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Uninstalling the Password Capture Agent

To remove the Password Capture Agent open the list of installed programs on the computer on which the Password Capture Agent is installed.

To remove Password Capture Agent using the control panel

  1. Select Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

  2. Double-click One Identity Manager Password Capture Agent in the list of installed programs.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the Password Capture Agent.

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