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One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords 7.4.1 - Administration Guide

Introduction System requirements and versions Using API and PowerShell tools Using the virtual appliance and web management console Cloud deployment considerations Setting up Safeguard for Privileged Passwords for the first time Using the web client Home page Privileged access requests Appliance Management
Appliance Backup and Retention Certificates Cluster Global Services External Integration Real-Time Reports Safeguard Access Appliance Management Settings
Asset Management
Account Automation Accounts Assets Partitions Discovery Profiles Tags Registered Connectors Custom platforms Importing objects
Security Policy Management
Access Request Activity Account Groups Application to Application Cloud Assistant Asset Groups Entitlements Linked Accounts User Groups Security Policy Settings
User Management Reports Disaster recovery and clusters Administrator permissions Preparing systems for management Troubleshooting Frequently asked questions Appendix A: Safeguard ports Appendix B: SPP and SPS join guidance Appendix C: Regular Expressions

Real-Time Reports

One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords allows you to view real-time information regarding your cluster, appliance schedules, scheduled platform tasks, and appliance resources.

  • Navigate to Real-Time Reports to see the information and options listed below.
    Table 59: Real-Time Reports pages
    Page Description

    Cluster Information

    Summary Lists your configured appliances.

    <appliance name>

    Individual tabs showing information for each appliance.

    Session Appliances

    Displays the link connections when a Safeguard for Privileged Sessions cluster is linked to a Safeguard for Privileged Password for session recording and auditing.

    Appliance Schedules

    Audit Log Displays information regarding the audit log schedule.
    Backup Displays information regarding the backup schedule for the appliance you are currently logged in to.

    Profile Schedule

    Displays information regarding the schedules for each profile and discovery type.

    Scheduled Platform Tasks

    Appliances Displays information on the scheduled tasks for each appliance.
    Task counts

    The left pane displays the individual tasks. Selecting the check box for a task will update the calendar (displayed in the right pane) to show the selected tasks.

    The right pane displays an interactive calendar view of the tasks. Clicking on a task in the calendar will display additional information regarding the task(s). The following options can be used to navigate the calendar:

    • : Navigates to today’s date. To locate other dates on the calendar, use the following navigation options:, , , , , and . To jump between dates that have tasks associated with them, use the following navigation options: , , , and .


    • : Switches to monthly view.

    • : Switches to weekly view.

    • : Switches to daily view.

    Appliance Resources

    This page displays graphical representations of the resources in use by the appliance you are currently logged in to. Mousing over a graph will provide additional information on the percentages displayed.

  • Safeguard Access

    SPPallows you to configure settings related to accessing One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords.

    Go to Access settings:

    • web client: Navigate to Safeguard Access.
    Table 60: SPP Access settings
    Setting Description

    Messaging settings

    Where you set Login Notification and the Message of the Day

    Local Login Control Where you configure the user login control settings
    Local Password Rule Where you configure user password complexity rules

    Time Zone

    Where you can set the time zone and select whether or not users can change their time zone

    Identity and Authentication

    Where you configure the identity providers and authentication providers to use when logging into SPP

    Messaging settings

    SPPallows you to set the following notifications.

    • web client: Navigate to Safeguard Access.
    Table 61: Messaging settings
    Setting Description
    Login Notification

    Where you enable a login banner that users must acknowledge before they can access SPP. This message text can be viewed anonymously.

    Message of the Day

    Where you set the Message of the Day that displays on the Home page page. This is only visible to authenticated users after they have logged in.

    Login Notification

    It is the responsibility of the Appliance Administrator to configure the login notification displayed when a user logs into One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Passwords. This feature is typically used for describing restrictions of use, legal agreements, or any other appropriate information to which users consent by accessing the system. Note that the message text can be viewed anonymously. Therefore, you should not include any sensitive information that you don't want read by an unauthenticated user. See the Message of the Day for messages that are only available to authenticated users.

    To configure the login notification

    1. Go to Messaging:
      • web client: Navigate to Safeguard Access > Messaging.
    2. Type in the Login Notification (character limit of 5000).
    3. Click Save.
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