A default project template ensures that all required information is added in One Identity Manager. This includes mappings, workflows, and the synchronization base object. If you do not use a default project template, you must declare the synchronization base object in One Identity Manager.

Use a default project template for setting up the synchronization project initially. For custom implementations, you can extend the synchronization project with the Synchronization Editor.

One Identity Manager accesses the Epic healthcare target system through a web service exposed by Epic.

The various One Identity Manager tables that is used for mapping

Table 34: One Identity Manager schema tables for Epic Health care
Table in the One Identity Manager schema Description Description
EPCEMPTemplate EMPTemplate details
EPCSubTemplate SubTemplate details
EPCUser An EPC User details
EPCUserHasEMPTemplate EMPTemplate assigned to an EPCUser
ECPUserHasSubTemplate SubTemplate assigned to an EPCUser
EPCUserIdentityID User IdentityID assigned to an EPCUser
EPCUserExternalID External Identifiers assigned to an EPCUser



EPCUser Demographics

Demographics data assigned to an EPCUser