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Defender 6.1 - Administration Guide

Getting started Managing Defender objects in Active Directory Configuring security tokens Securing VPN access Securing Web sites Securing Windows-based computers Defender Management Portal (Web interface) Securing PAM-enabled services Delegating Defender roles, tasks, and functions Automating administrative tasks Administrative templates Integration with Active Roles Appendices
Appendix A: Enabling diagnostic logging Appendix B: Troubleshooting common authentication issues Appendix C: Troubleshooting DIGIPASS token issues Appendix D: Defender classes and attributes in Active Directory Appendix E: Defender Event Log messages Appendix F: Defender Client SDK Appendix G: Defender Web Service API

challengeMessageData property

Provides any variable data contained in the message to be displayed to the user after each invocation of the Authenticate method.

C++ syntax
public : HRESULT get_challengeMessageData(BSTR * messageData);

C# syntax
public string challengeMessageData { get; }

IAuthenticator3 interface


Table 50:




AddPayload method

Allows RADIUS payload attributes to be added to the authentication request.

GetGridData method

Gets the raw data used to construct the GrIDsure grid.

GetAuthenticationImage method

Returns the GrIDsure grid as a byte array containing a bitmap.

SetGridResetPIPAttribute method

Adds a RADIUS payload attributes to the authentication request indicating that the GrIDsure PIP should be reset.


Table 51:




payload property

Gets an array of any RADIUS payload attributes returned in response to the previous request.

grIDsureMessage property

The GrIDsure specific message to be displayed to the user in response to the previous request.

grIDsureGridType property

The type of GrIDsure grid to be displayed.

AddPayload method

Allows RADIUS payload attributes to be added to the authentication request. Typically this method is used when the authenticating server or an intermediary requires additional information about the authenticating party.

The structure used to pass data to this function is defined below:

struct RADIUSPayloadAttribute


   DWORD vendorId;

   unsigned char type;

   unsigned char length;

   unsigned char data[253];


C++ syntax
public : HRESULT AddPayload(struct RADIUSPayloadAttribute *payload)

C# syntax
void AddPayload(ref RADIUSPayloadAttribute payload);


payload  Application specific payload data as a struct RADIUSPayloadAttribute.

Return value

Always returns S_OK.

GetGridData method

After an authentication request this method can be called to determine whether a user has a grid available and the state of that grid.

C++ syntax
public : HRESULT GetGridData(BSTR *grid, VARIANT_BOOL *isRegistrationGrid, VARIANT_BOOL *isGrIDsureOnly, VARIANT_BOOL *hasGrid);

C# syntax
bool GetGridData(out string grid, out bool isRegistrationGrid, out bool isGrIDsureOnly);


  • grid  A string containing the values for the grid.
  • isRegistrationGrid  Returns TRUE if the user has not yet registered a PIP.
  • isGrIDsureOnly  Returns TRUE if the user only has a GrIDsure token.
  • hasGrid  Returns TRUE if a grid is available.

Return value

Always returns S_OK.

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