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Identity Manager 9.2 - Epic Healthcare System Administration Guide

Managing an Epic health care system Setting up synchronization with an Epic health care system Basic Data for managing an Epic health care system Epic EMP template Epic SubTemplate Epic Connection Epic EMP User Accounts Security Matrix Configuration parameters for managing Epic health care system Default project template for Epic

General Master Data for Epic Connection

Enter the following data on General

Table 22: General Master Data for Epic Connection
Display Name The Epic connection’s display name
Account definition (initial) Initial account definition for creating user accounts. This account definition is used if automatic assignment of identities to user accounts is used for this Epic connection and user accounts should be created which are already managed (Linked configured state). The account definition's default manage level is applied. User accounts are only linked to the identity (Linked) if no account definition is given. This is the case on initial synchronization, for example.
Target system managers Application role in which target system managers are specified for the client. Target system managers only edit objects of the client to which they are assigned. Each Epic connection can have a different target system manager assigned to it. Select the One Identity Manager application role whose members are responsible for administration of this Epic connection. Use the button to add a new application role.
Synchronized By

Type of synchronization through which the data is synchronized between the Epic and One Identity Manager. You can no longer change the synchronization type once objects for this tenant are present in One Identity Manager. Use One Identity Manager when you create a Epic connection with the Synchronization Editor.

Table 23: Table Permitted values
Value Synchronization by Provisioned by
One Identity Manager Epic Connector Epic Connector
No Synchronization None None

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